#Ad We Have a Dog! Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

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, #Ad We Have a Dog! Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

AD This post is sponsored by Hill’s Pet Food but all views are honest and our own

 “No kids, we are NOT getting a dog!” were words you would regularly overhear Dave and I say over the years.  We love dogs and our kids really, really love dogs but we didn’t feel ready for the commitment of having a dog of our own.  People would often look worried when I told them I didn’t feel responsible enough yet to look after a dog- “But you have four kids!” they would reply, possibly concerned about my abilities to rear human beings if I couldn’t handle a canine friend.  What I actually meant was I didn’t feel we were in the right place in our lives to take on another responsibility.  It didn’t seem fair to adopt a dog until we knew we had enough time and money to look after them.  We are very lucky and we have lovely dogs in our life such as Toby, my mum’s dog and Dodge, Dave’s work place dog.  We could have all the cuddles and dog walks that we wanted.  However life works in mysterious ways and sometimes gives you what you really need before you even realise you need it.

Due to extremely sad circumstances (a sudden bereavement within our extended friends and family) Sid, an elderly Jack Russell, was left without an owner.  He couldn’t go to his late owner’s family members as they already had dogs that he didn’t get along with.  Luckily he loves humans and we said we’d look after him until he found a home.  It was quite strange as only an hour before we had the phone call asking if we could look after Sid, we’d been lying on the beach watching family dogs run around happily and I’d said to Dave, one day we’ll be here with a dog of our own.  I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.  Of course, once he came into our house it was obvious that he’d found his forever home.  We fell in love.  Almost immediately he was part of the family and we can’t imagine the house without him there now.  I can’t even remember what our house looked like before it was covered in a layer of moulting hairs and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

, #Ad We Have a Dog! Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

A New Dog

Suddenly finding ourselves with a dog of our own we needed to get organised.  We would need to update his microchip, change vets, get dog insurance, buy all the dog paraphernalia our four legged pal needed and choose his dog food.  Initially, we were given some tins to try him on but he wasn’t eating at meal times at all.  He would take treats only.  Apparently that’s normal when dogs have suffered a bereavement or change in routine, both of which poor Sid was experiencing.  Thankfully, he did settle with us really well but we needed to find a food that he enjoyed and would be beneficial for him.  When we were asked to try Hill’s Science Plan Pet Food we thought it was worth a go.

, #Ad We Have a Dog! Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

Hill’s Science Plan Pet Food Review

One day we had a delivery and when I saw Sid going crazy smelling and licking the package I knew the Hill’s Science Plan Pet Food had arrived.  He was so funny sniffing the parcel.  I gave him one of the biscuits as a treat and to check if he liked them and he gobbled it up straight away.  We had been feeding Sid wet food so decided to ease him onto the dry food gradually by mixing in a little more at a time into his “usual food”.  It’s important to always make sure your dog has plenty of water available when eating dry food only too.  If your dog prefers softer food, you can add a little warm water to the dry food.  There is lots more advice on the Hill’s website if you need more information.

, #Ad We Have a Dog! Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

The food suggested for Sid to try was Hill’s Science Plan Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Medium with Chicken.  Due to their second coat, Jack Russell Terriers shed a lot of hair, which can leave them with itchy, dry skin which we want to avoid if possible by feeding Sid high quality, nutritious food.  This food comes in practical, resealable packaging.  I weighed out our first suggested daily serving of dry food for Sid’s weight and split this across two meals as we feed him at lunchtime and tea time.  He’s a lot more interested in eating after he’s smelt our home cooked food and after a walk.  We’ve now got a scoop so we can easily ladle out his portion size.

Benefits of Hill’s Science Plan Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Medium with Chicken

“Hill’s Science Plan Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Medium with Chicken helps dogs that suffer from stomach complaints or lose the shine in their coat. Hill’s Science Plan Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Medium is a complete dry dog food that has been designed specifically to support healthy digestion and radiant skin. This easy to digest dry food provides your dog with the exact balance of nutrients it needs for a balanced digestive system and can help improve skin and coat health. It is rich in clinically proven antioxidants, as well as minerals and vitamins E and C to help support overall well-being. The high omega-3 and -6 fatty acid content in this Hill’s Science Plan Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Medium supports your dog’s fur health, ensuring skin is nourished and supplementing natural oils. The special mix of fibres in this food also helps support digestive health providing relief for a sensitive digestive tract. The outstanding flavour of the dish ensures it is well accepted, and no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours are used in the creation of Hill’s Science Plan Canine Sensitive Stomach & Skin. A healthy food for a healthy dog!”

, #Ad We Have a Dog! Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

Sid’s Review of Hill’s Science Plan Food

As I mentioned earlier Sid showed us that he loved this delicious smelling dog food before we’d even opened the package.  Since he was served his food, first mixed with canned food and then on it’s own, he has wolfed it down happily.  He enjoys it.  Our local vets top tip is to introduce dogs to dry food as it can dramatically improve their dental hygiene.  Sid’s teeth are already looking a lot better than they were when we first took him on (which means his bad breath has thankfully improved too.  He also seems younger, sprightlier and has a lot more energy.  People keep telling me it must be the kids keeping him young- somehow they have the opposite effect on me!  He’s lost his excess weight due to longer and more frequent walks.  His fur is softer and glossier.  We’ve had no problems with his skin.  Generally he just seems a lot happier and he’s made us a happier family too.

Hill’s Science Plan Food can be bought online and in specialist pet stores.  Hills are so confident your pet will enjoy Hill’s™ Science Plan™ foods that they  offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

, #Ad We Have a Dog! Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

It’s a shame that Sid only came into our lives as a result of sad circumstances but we’re very grateful that we were able to give him his second and forever home.  He is such a good, clever, loving boy.   He’s great company for me  during the day as I work from home.  He loves exploring the outdoors just like we do as a family.  Then once home he adores getting cosy and cuddling with us. The kids said that they had the best summer holidays ever because, “We’ve got a dog!”  We love him lots and will do all we can to keep him happy and healthy.


Do you have a dog? What’s your favourite thing about them?

, #Ad We Have a Dog! Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

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