Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for your Backyard

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, Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for your Backyard

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We all want that Chateau de Versailles backyard in our homes but the numbers may not add up. Good news for you, apparently with a little imagination an appealing backyard is just a few dollars or pounds within your reach.

Landscaping should not be a tedious job. Even on a tight budget, you can achieve your dream backyard. All it takes is the right idea and a few tricks up your sleeve.

Here are a few budget-friendly landscaping ideas that will help you achieve this.

, Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for your Backyard

Power of the Green


Never underestimate the magic of a green backyard. A green backyard gives an earthy feeling that is soothing. You can achieve the green look by planting grass seeds, shrubs or trees. The grass can act as the perfect spot for your kids to play or for an outdoor picnic with your family.

Remember to regularly get rid of weeds in order to have a dense and neat backyard.


Flower Bed Borders


You can create beautiful borders in your flower bed by using stone edges. Stone edges give your regular flower bed a fresh new look. You can opt to paint the stones or use different shapes and sizes of stones. This is both a cheap and easy landscaping option. All you need is a couple of stones that will be placed at the edge of the flower bed.


Edible Garden


Sometimes what we need could be a backyard away. Consider having an edible backyard. This means you can plant a citrus tree, a vegetable garden or plant, an avocado tree. It’s not only healthy but having an edible garden is cost-effective. They also give a pop of colour to your backyard.


Stone/Concrete Slabs


To create an outdoor path, you can use stone or concrete. The materials are easily available and cheap to procure. Once you acquire the materials, space the stones from each other in order to give a footstep impression. Make it as neat as you can but don’t be afraid to play around with the colour, pattern or design of the stones.

Tire Planting


Old tires can be recycled and turned into flower beds. Not only is this method environmentally friendly, planting on tires saves space in your garden. You can also choose to paint the tire to give it a bit of an edge. The general feel of tire planting is playful and fun.

Old Furniture


We are all about recycling and there is no better way to do this like reusing your old furniture. With good paint and refurbishment, old furniture can do magic to your backyard. The good thing about this method is, if you don’t have old furniture, someone else you know probably has some. The furniture can be used for outdoor resting or purely for decorations. Throw in a few pillows to your furniture to make it comfortable and appealing. You can place the furniture at the edge of your backyard or at the corners of your garden.


Outdoor Dining


The purpose of a backyard is to bring people together. From Barbecues parties to picnics and dinner. You can eat anything in the open, and there is no better way to bring people out in the open like a shared meal. All you need is a table and a few chairs in the backyard. To add a little taste, you can opt to have hanging lights or decorate the table with flowers.


Tree Bench


If you have a tree in your backyard, this will work perfectly for you. You can build a wooden bench around the tree. This serves as a decoration and also a resting area. Not only do you have a surplus amount of fresh air under the tree, but you also give your backyard an interesting touch.


An English Garden


As fancy as it sounds, English gardens are not that complicated. A rose garden does the trick quite nicely with a full bush of rose flower. You can also plant a variety of flowers such as lavender, delphinium, lilies in your garden. The colourful combination gives you a breathtaking view. Combined with the bench in your garden, this landscaping trick will be something out of a movie.


Hanging String Lights

Good lighting can really spice up your backyard from dull to lively and interesting. Hanging string lights in your backyard give that cosy and intimate feeling. This landscaping option is affordable, available with great results. You can have as many varieties of string lights ranging from all shapes and sizes. The best thing about this is your backyard will always look like a festive season all the time.


Garden Island Bed


An island bed is a great landscaping option if your garden lacks a focal point. The accessibility of the island bed from all sides makes planting and maintenance easy. The island bed can take any shape from circle, oval, crescent shape, kidney shape, square or rectangle. They provide depth and balance to your backyard while adding colour and texture. For a great result, place your island bed at an area that is easily viewed from all points of your backyard. Remember to edge your island bed with rocks or other creative edging ideas.


Clean and Organize your Backyard


Sometimes all you need is a good clean up for your backyard landscaping. Small things such as a clean walkway to your backyard make all the difference. Declutter by crafting a garden tool organiser. You can get creative by using a metal rake for your garden hanging tools. You can also create a shed for your garden hose. The simple organising skills make a significant impact on the final outlook of your backyard.


 Landscaping is a fun and enjoyable process no matter how your budget looks like. The idea is to create a backyard that will make you want to stay outside. Most of the landscaping ideas are hands-on and with a little guidance and great company, you can achieve that great backyard you have always wanted.


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, Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for your Backyard


  1. , Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for your Backyard
    Pippa Ainsworth
    November 15, 2019 / 5:33 pm

    Some really useful ideas here, we’re currently making over our garden and I need all of the inspiration I can get!

  2. , Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for your Backyard
    Nadia Josephine
    November 17, 2019 / 5:12 pm

    I love the idea of having string lights or outdoor light in my gardening to make it pretty

  3. , Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for your Backyard
    Naila M
    November 19, 2019 / 5:49 pm

    Loving these Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas also great way to recycle old furniture 🙂

  4. , Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for your Backyard
    Shelley Jessup
    November 22, 2019 / 10:39 pm

    I love the tire planting idea, actually there’s alot of great inspiration on here thank you.

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