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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Dodge the Dog at Freshwater West (Dobby's Shell Cottage)

On our second day with Dodge the Dog, we drove to Freshwater West, a stunning Pembrokeshire Beach which was used as the backdrop for both Robin Hood and also Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Freshwater West was temporarily home to Dobby's Shell Cottage and fans still make the pilgrimage to see Dobby's place of rest today.

There are two free car parks at Freshwater West (Sat. Nav:  SA71 5AH).  It's quiet out of season but gets very busy with surfers during the summer months and especially on Bank Holidays.

This "information block" also houses the toilets. 

Dogs are not allowed on the conservation paths but we had planned to walk along the beach anyway.

It's easy to see why the beach is popular with film makers.  It's other worldly, especially on a wet, misty day.

In April 1943, a maritime tragedy took place in the waters off the bay of Freshwater West. The bodies of some of the 85 personnel who died were washed ashore here.  There is now a memorial to remember them.  Their names are all recorded on the memorial in Milford Haven Cemetery where many of the men, mainly from various towns in England, were buried.

Access to the beach is via a slope path and across pebbles.

The girls and Dodge!  All cold and wet but having fun!

We waded across the beach stream leading down to the sea.

My camera began to struggle from being so wet- again!  It does give a water colour paint effect to the photo!

Then we headed up into the dunes for a real roller coaster of a walk.

The sand dunes are beautiful but I did find myself leaving the track and in the long grass at one moment and did wonder if I'd see a snake, as Caitlyn did recently.  I think it was too cold for them and I made it back to the path without sighting one.

Back on the beach, we played with Dodge.  He was enjoying playing "Fetch" with a stick but that game quickly came to an end when the stick accidentally hit Rebecca on the head.  Thankfully she was fine with only a bump to show for it!  Of course, it was Caitlyn in tears rather than Rebecca.

We instead stuck to "football" with an old buoy (it was quite heavy to kick!).

I love clean patches of unspoilt sand on the beach- it's like a fresh covering of snow!

Somebody had tagged the life buoy with an XBEK grim reaper sticker.  

We got back to the car soaking wet and very cold.  I could hardly move my fingers!  

Once home, Dodge quickly cuddles up with Danny as he'd missed him on our walk (sorry the camera had condensation after warming up from being wet!).

Then it was Dave's turn for cuddles as he sees him most days in work.

When we had to return Dodge later that day, there were lots of tears, especially from Caitlyn, but I'm sure he will come to stay again!

Have you been to Freshwater West?  I'll find our old photos and do a post about Shell Cottage soon and our day watching them film Harry Potter.  

"Their Finest" was also filmed at Freshwater West when it doubled as Dunkirk. 


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