Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

A new coat of paint can make all the difference in how your home looks. But painting is not just about adding new colour. It is also a time in which you get to clean up the walls. Walk through your home with a roll of painter’s tape before painting to protect any edges and trim, and to identify unsightly blemishes such as knicks, dents, or old nail holes. Patch and sand these areas before painting so you have a smooth surface to work with.

Paint is a fun medium to work with. You can create an accent wall in every room or add depth to any space by applying paint to the ceiling. You get to make the space your own and change it the way you want by doing what you want. Do you want new trim? Paint it. Are the baseboards dull? Paint them, too. Even old outdoor furniture will benefit from a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint. Instead of buying something new, pull out your coveralls and paintbrushes.

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Once the new carpets are in place and the walls are freshly painted, it is time to celebrate your hard work. Invite your favourite people over to enjoy your garden and new outdoor space and raise a glass to your efforts.

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