Have a ‘worry time’

Another helpful technique for those struggling with worry is to schedule a worry time each day. This usually means around 10 minutes where you sit down somewhere quiet and comfortable and purposely bring anything that is worrying you to mine. 

This kind of practice intends to allow you to acknowledge your worries, and think about solutions for them without them taking over your life. Indeed, by having a worry time, when concerns pop up during the rest of the day you can note that they are there and then mentally remind yourself that you do not have to worry in the moment because you will do it in worry time later. 

Get some advice from someone you trust 

Many people also find that seeking advice from a trusted person can help them when they feel overwhelmed by worry. For some people, this person will be a friend, family member or loved one. While for others religious or spiritual leaders may fulfil this role. Indeed, for those with strong beliefs, there is a range of religious and spiritual options from catholic confession to spiritual counselling. Some people even use services like these psychic readings by text to help them deal with their worries and make plans for the future. It all depends on what you believe. 

Find ways to cut down worry about big events 

You can also deal with worry in a very practical way, by cutting down the stress that certain events and experiences cause you. For example, Christmas can be a very worrisome time because of all the pressure for everything to be perfect and to make everyone happy. However, by simplifying your Christmas plans you can reduce the level of stress and worry that are heaped on your shoulders, and in the process give yourself a good chance of enjoying the festive season more while you are at it! 

Get some professional help 

Last of all, if worries and thoughts about things that make you worry have overtaken your life, you may benefit from some professional help. Indeed, there are many conditions such as GAD, Panic disorder and OCD where worries can easily become overwhelming and harm your sense of self and quality of life. 

The good news is that there are very effective treatments such as CBT and ERP that can be used to help those suffering from anxiety disorders conquer their conditions. Speak to your GP, or IAPT, or contact a charity such as OCD UK for advice on how to seek treatment. 


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