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When most people think of classic American grub, the humble hamburger immediately springs to mind. Although its origins are still debated to this day, the American hamburger is a globally adored thing to eat and is many peoples’ favourite treat. In North America, though, they arguably do it better than anywhere else on the planet. Never has a spices-and-herbs-infused patty tasted so delicious in-between two buns, with a variety of establishments offering a range of delicious concoctions that help create a burger like no other. The best cities to try a famous hamburger or vegan burger? Probably Toronto or New York, but it’s certainly up for debate. 

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A fried dough pastry that originally started as a famous family recipe, BeaverTails is now known as being the ultimate sweet treat to dive into when in Canada. The pastry is topped with whatever you like, from banana, whipped cream and chocolate to fruit, crumbled Oreos, and ice cream. They have a number of vegan toppings, such as Coco Vanil and Apple Pie. Particularly popular in Montreal and Ottawa, you simply have to try BeaverTails. 

Buffalo chicken wings

Made famous by Teressa and Frank Bellissimo at their Anchor Bar restaurant in 1964, Buffalo chicken wings are the ultimate North American snack. There are plenty of vegan alternatives available from Vegan Buffalo Chicken Style Wings to Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. Beautifully coated in cayenne hot sauce and tender to eat thanks to the perfect cooking process, Buffalo chicken wings are a North American classic that can sampled pretty much everywhere, although Buffalo in New York is undoubtedly the place to go. 


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