Exchanging money


In almost every country you will have scammers who prowl the streets in search of gullible tourists. There are some who offer currency exchange ‘services’ on the street. They will give you a very good rate. However, when something is too good to be true, it often is. They will give you money which isn’t even the nation’s money, hoping that you can’t tell the difference. They might also hide the true exchange rate they are offering and say it’s only for exchanges above a certain threshold, but you’ve already given away your money to them. Always use a certified exchange rate, never go to what seems to be a false exchange rate counter. Check they have the right certificates and ask a local police officer if you can’t find one.

It’s often the star-struck tourist that falls prey to these things. Enjoy your time abroad but don’t have your head in the clouds, lest your trip is ruined by a silly mistake or lack of awareness.

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