Compare Matt Bellamy and Badger singing “Feeling Good”- surely it’s him?

Badger Week 3


“My last performance was amazing.  The panel dug deep to pin a name on this badger.  But when it comes to digging, they’ll have to get up extra early to catch me out.  Badgers are shy creatures and I certainly was when I was younger, especially around girls.  At school, I wrote poems about girls that I liked but I was so shy I would never show them.  Due to my shyness, for years  I had a talent I kept hidden.  One day, I decided to show my friends what I could do and this badger blossomed.  I learnt a great lesson.  Being yourself is your greatest gift.  Tonight, my poem is this:  “Where there is black and white, I’m going to go out there and win tonight.””

Periodic Table


Sings:  Aerosmith:  I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (again sounds like Matt Bellamy)

Judges guesses:

Mo:  Alan Titchmarsh (a leap! Ha!)

Davina:  Because of shy and science clues: Brian Cox or Peter Cunnah:  D Ream.

Rita:  Sounds like:  Will Young, Motorbike like Ross Kemp (ha!),

Jonathon: Christopher Biggins


“Badger everybody!”  Haha!

Two Truths and a Lie

  1.  I’m good at dodging furniture.  (Jay kay?)
  2. When working, I’m often found in green (Matt Bellamy’s green guitar).
  3. Strictly speaking, dancing is something I’m well known for. Matt Bellamy does leg shuffle Robin style while playing the guitar on stage).

“By the look of things, it’s going to take the panel so long to guess me, I’ll probably be in hibernation!”

Badger:  Week 5


“So far, in the competition, I’ve had the panel flummoxed, to be honest, I’m on cloud 9 about it.  Badgers are very homely, they live in big families, in well-maintained sets, and that’s just like me.  I grew up in a large household. I guess you could say I was one of a kind.  My family were all very creative.  I guess that’s something that was passed down to me.  In fact, it was Mum who opened me up to my gift when I was very young. With so many of us under one roof, there was little room to spare.

“There wasn’t even room for a mouse in the house.” (wondering if this alludes to Matt Bellamy being shy and quiet and having to move in with Grandparents when his parents divorced and there were step-siblings etc.).


“Tonight, I’m dedicating this to some very special little badgers out there.

Song:    Kelly Clarkson:  Because of You (sounds like a song from father to children.)

Judge Guesses:

Mo:  Tom Hardy

Davina:  Brian Cox

Rita:  Jay Kay

Jonathon:  Jeremy Clarkson (due to Kelly Clarkson clue- ha!) Voice:  Kelly Jones


“They have absolutely no idea who I am.”

Badger Week 6

“There’s more than one type of studio this Badger’s familiar with.”

“Does this sound cryptic? Good, because I love to play games.”

“What I can tell you is that tonight, this Badger’s going to come out fighting.”

In Badger’s backstage footage, he picked up a note saying: “Badger, just wanted to say thank you. Love, Barbra”.

Badger Week 7

“So far in the competition, just like in my career, I’ve been remaining anonymous.”

“Badgers look out for each other, that’s something I’ve tried to do with my career.”

“Spreading cheer shouldn’t be just for Christmas, it should be 365 days a year.”

“I’ve been very blessed and humbled to have such a platform, and I like to use it to give back.”

“I just want to help make it possible for other people’s dreams to come true, too.”

Badger Week 8

“I know what it’s like to be sat on a panel as a judge.” (judge on The Voice?)

So I’m convinced this is Matt Bellamy from Muse but tonight’s clues mention being a judge on a show and he mixes up accents, has Matt done been a judge?  Could it be Olly Murs?

Good luck guessing!  Who is Robin?  Who is Sausage?  Who is badger?  Who’s that behind the mask?  Get if off!











, TV:  Whose That Behind the Mask?  Masked Singer Final 2021 (Who are Robin, Sausage and Badger?)


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