Work for longer

Studies have shown that people who work from home tend to be more productive. Whether it’s because they need not travel anywhere or that they just feel more comfortable to work for longer, is yet to be fully established. Nonetheless, you should try to work longer hours if you can. After all, you are at home, Netflix can only keep you entertained for so long. 

It’s been reported that on average, the average worker is working 8 ¾ hours per day. If you can manage 9 hours and also do a little extra on the weekends, this could greatly improve your standings with the managers and the boss. You’re at home so you can always go for a walk or a run if you feel like you need a break. But the opportunity to put more hours in has never been so tempting.

Get accredited

There are plenty of online learning courses you can do straight from home. In fact, even courses which you would normally do in person, have gone fully online. With the help of Zoom and other software, you can learn just as you would in the classroom. If you can get accredited to a particular degree, you could improve your career prospects both during and after lockdown. If you are a business owner, get accredited by an international accountancy body. If you are a manufacturing professional, get accredited in a theory degree. If you are a floor manager, get accredited in people management, etc.

Working from home has become the norm and already shows lots of benefits. You should take the time to improve on things you can and emerge a better more rounded professional, ready to take on the world.

, Improving Your Career Prospects From Home


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