The wardrobe: create a high-end experience 


At its most rudimentary level, a wardrobe – be it free-standing or built-in – is home to your clothes and, sometimes, your shoes – but with a few special touches, a wardrobe can offer a wonderful luxe experience. First and foremost, you could add a smart LED strip light to the interior space to help you see the items you own clearly while also immediately boosting the aesthetic appeal. Secondly, you can try tying organza bags containing a fragrance ball to the inside of the doors or even draping them over a spare hanger; this will provide a glorious scent that will welcome you every time you open the doors. 


The bed: maximise comfort 


It’s said that humans will spend half of their lives asleep, so taking a few steps to maximise the comfort of your bed is sure to be a great choice. Start by considering your mattress; if it’s more than five years old, or notably sagging, then a replacement might be due. You may also consider adding a mattress topper for an extra layer of comfort; you could even make your own by following the video below. 

You may also want to consider adding a bed warmer for those frosty winter nights, and it’s also worth exploring which type of pillow works is most likely to ensure you enjoy a perfect slumber every single night. 


Chest of drawers: optimise the space with file folding and dividers 


When first put together, a chest of drawers is essentially blank space that then has to be filled – which is fairly straightforward. However, with a few tricks, you can truly optimise the space available in your drawers. For drawers that contain clothes, file folding clothes is a fantastic way to ensure you use every inch of space; while if you’re storing other items (such as accessories) in the drawers, use drawer dividers to help keep everything neat so you can always find anything you need. 


In conclusion


All of the ideas above can ensure that each of the four main pieces of furniture in your bedroom offer far more than their essential purpose, so you can enjoy multi-fold advantages with each individual piece. Enjoy! 



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  1. Susan B
    March 7, 2020 / 10:02 pm

    What excellent ideas. I am particularly taken with the hidden wireless charger and the knitted mattress topper.

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