A Guide to Buying a New Bed

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, A Guide to Buying a New Bed

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As we head into spring, we often find ourselves decluttering, spring cleaning and refreshing our interiors.  Perhaps your bedroom is in need of a revamp and you’re planning to purchase a new bed.  If so keep reading for my five things to consider when choosing a new bed and a handy infographic full of ten things you should know before buying a new bed:

, A Guide to Buying a New Bed

Five Things to Consider When Buying a New Bed

  1.  Size

The first thing to consider is which size of bed is best for your bedroom and your comfort.  I’ve always dreamt of having a super king-size bed but in reality, it would take up too much of the needed floor space in our bedroom so I’m happy to stick with a double (plus when we stay in hotels with King beds I feel lost in them!).  If you like a lot of space or are still co-sleeping then a super king may be for you, but if space is limited a double is perfectly fine.  Our kids have always started off in small singles as toddlers and then moved up to small singles.  For teens, a small double is ideal if you have the room.

2.  Style

It’s important that your bedframe matches the overall style of your room.  Choose a sleek white wooden frame for a minimalistic room, go for silver crushed velvet for an opulent feel or metal for a modern bedroom.  There are styles to suit all bedroom decor.  If you’re constantly changing your room, opt for a classic wooden frame which will suit any design and colour scheme for years to come.

3.  Material

As well as deciding whether to choose a divan bed or bed frame, you will also need to consider which material to choose.  As mentioned above crushed velvet is great for a luxurious room layered with different fabrics.  If you have pets or younger children in the home you may favour a material that’s easier to maintain.  A (faux) Leather divan bed can offer great style, luxury and practicality too.

4.  Storage

If space is an issue then consider choosing a divan bed with as much storage as you can.  Although it costs more to add drawers and storage space you will appreciate it in the future.  Ottoman beds are an ideal storage solution where space is limited. If you choose a bedframe invest in under storage boxes to make the most of this space.

5.  Which Mattress?

Take time to choose the right mattress for you.  The right mattress depends on your sleeping style, whether you share a bed and if you prefer a soft or firm feel.

Generally speaking, if you’re a side sleeper you need a medium or medium soft mattress.  For back sleepers consider an orthopaedic mattress to support your back and joints.  If you sleep on your front a firm or medium-firm mattress will offer essential alignment for your spine.

Take a look at this handy infographic-  ten things you should know before buying a new bed:

, A Guide to Buying a New Bed

, A Guide to Buying a New Bed

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