Shipping Pallets Overseas couldn’t Be Easier

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, Shipping Pallets Overseas couldn’t Be Easier

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Looking to ship your goods overseas but don’t know where to start? Palletized shipping is the way forward. Introducing Ship It, the best way to pack and move your goods for a safer move overseas, with their unique tightly wrapped method ensures stability during its journey.

With over 20 years of experience, they are sure to give the best shipping experience and customer service by communicating with you regularly throughout the journey. With regular ships going out, they treat every job with the utmost importance, guaranteeing that your pallets won’t be waiting around for a week for the next boat. Speedy service is one of the specialities that make them different from everyone else. 


Currently, there is a stigma around the subject of moving goods overseas because they can’t rely on the products being in one piece or looked after throughout its trip. Ship It gives pride over taking care of your goods to the highest standard at a fast pace while sharing a photo with you to let you know that your products are packaged well and giving you the reassurance you need, that they are looked after. Along with being recognized by BAR and BIFA and approved worldwide, what’s stopping you! 


If you can’t wait to get started, then check out the following infographic, showing you the process and all the information that you need to start your journey with Ship It from how they package up your goods efficiently to how they attach a security seal so you can track your order right to its destination.

, Shipping Pallets Overseas couldn’t Be Easier
Infographic for a safer move overseas

, Shipping Pallets Overseas couldn’t Be Easier

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  1. , Shipping Pallets Overseas couldn’t Be Easier
    Susan B
    February 14, 2020 / 5:27 pm

    A comprehensive service for valuable and sentimental possessions. Thanks for the post.

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