Give Your Business a Boost with a New Website

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, Give Your Business a Boost with a New Website

In this digital age, every business needs to have a strong internet presence.  Surprisingly, a survey found that almost half of all small businesses don’t yet have a website for their company.  Out of the small businesses that do have websites, many of them are neglected and have fallen out of date, which doesn’t reflect well on the business.  If your small business needs a new, up to date website, make this your goal in 2020.  Here are five reasons why your business needs a great website and how you can get an affordable, well-designed website to suit your business needs:

, Give Your Business a Boost with a New Website

Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Well Designed & Up to Date Website

  1.  Present a Professional Business Image

First impressions are long-lasting.  When I’m looking for a business to work with, my first port of call is to their website.  A welcoming, well designed and up to date website will create a great impression on potential customers.  When I come across a  neglected out of date site, I assume the company is no longer in business.  Show that you are serious in business by maintaining your internet presence.

Perhaps you want a website, but don’t have the skills to design and build one yourself, or maybe your current websites need a revamp as it’s no longer working for you?  You should use a company who will build you a basic website that will meet your needs.

2.  Find Customers

By investing in your website, you are inviting customers to come to you without the need to look for them.  Potential customers are searching on their smartphones, tablets and computers 24/7.  When they find your site they can message you at any time of day and from anywhere in the world and you can get back to them at your convenience.  Of course, you can increase the number of customers that find you by improving your SEO, guest posting and advertising, but just by having a well-maintained website with useful information you will find clients in need of your services.

3.  Keep up with the Competition

Most consumers use the internet to research before making a purchase or buying a service.  Businesses without a strong online presence are giving away their business to their other online competitors.  Make sure your website shows everything your business has to offer and has up to date contact details so you don’t miss out in the future.

4.  Grow Your Business

A strong presence online is going to increase your customer base, which will hopefully result in more sales.  From here, you can rapidly grow your business.  Take time to build your email list.  Email marketing can help you entice customers back for future business with regular offers.  Offer customers incentives if they recommend your business to a friend too!

5.  Increase Your Revenue

Your well designed and up to date website will result in more customers and more revenue for your business.  It can also make you more money in other ways.  Your website developers could set you up an e-commerce website so you’re ready to start selling online or you could consider using affiliate links.  A redesign of your website could result in earning increased passive income 27/7.

How to Save Money on Your Website Design/Redesign

Now you know the advantages to have a well-designed website, perhaps the only thing putting you off is the initial outlay and the constant upkeep.  You could consider a web design deal that includes everything all in- design, hosting, SEO, email, support and much more all for a low monthly fee, such as the packages available at Silky Ocean Studios.

, Give Your Business a Boost with a New Website

How to Choose a Business Web Designer

Take a look at the gallery and portfolio of work that your potential web designers have worked with.  Go take a look at these websites and decide if they’re right for you and your business needs.  You will soon find a great and affordable web design and development agency to work with to give your business a boost this year.


, Give Your Business a Boost with a New Website

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  1. , Give Your Business a Boost with a New Website
    Susan B
    February 12, 2020 / 6:33 pm

    Good advice not only for small businesses but also for charities, too.

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