Top 7 Best Hair Care Tips For Every Hair Type

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, Top 7 Best Hair Care Tips For Every Hair Type

The team at NUYU are always searching for the best tips for hair care.  One person’s hair type can be so different from the next, so it is often difficult to compile the best advice that would apply to all.  There is curly hair, oily hair, thin hair, dry hair – and more. However, with all our experience pooled, we have come up with seven of best hair tips that can apply to every hair type. 

Tip One: Wash your hair in lukewarm water

You may love a hot shower or bath, but the water could be stripping your hair of its essential oils.  The almost-too-hot water can leave any hair type feeling dry and dull. If you use lukewarm water, you get clean hair without the harsh stripping of your hair.  It is also worth noting that the hot water can also make your skin dry, damaging your complexion.

Tip Two: Use conditioner appropriately

You are right to use conditioner, but you need to use it in the right way.  You do not need to condition every time you wash your hair – the conditioner bottle should last twice as long as your shampoo supplies.  When you do condition, the cream should only be used on certain sections of your hair. Your roots tend to be much greasier than the rest of your hair.  Therefore, conditioning roots can weigh down your hair and make it look flat and lifeless.

Consequently, it is best to leave the roots and condition the rest of the hair using a wide-toothed comb.  Not only will this get conditioner to the parts of the hair that matter, but it will detangle the hair too.  If you have dry hair, use moisturising shampoo as well as conditioner.


Tip Three: Use shampoo on the scalp

The opposite advice should be followed for the use of shampoo, to that which is given for the conditioner.  Where you focus your attention on the ends of the hair with conditioner, you should instead concentrate the shampoo on the scalp.  Over-washing the full length of your hair can lead to dull and dry hair. Your scalp is the only area that would benefit from a daily cleansing regime.

Tip Four: Give care to the rinsing

You may feel rushed, and you are desperate to get out of the shower.  However, the rinsing of your hair is an essential step in its overall condition.  Leftover product can leave you with a build-up of old shampoo and conditioner, which will begin to look a lot like dandruff, and so damage the look of your hairstyle.  Be thorough in your rinsing to the extreme.

Tip Five: Avoid towel drying but protect hair against heat too

A towel seems like the most appropriate way to dry the hair.  You get out the shower and give your hair a quick ruffle with the towel to get rid of excess water.  However, this is not the best treatment of your hair, which will struggle with the friction and potentially split at the ends.  You are much better advised to squeeze out the water.

However, you also need to protect your hair if you are using heated tools to dry your hair.  You should use a heat protectant that can come in the form of a spritz bottle before blow-drying.  Better still, use a brush when drying your hair and pull the brush through in the same direction as you are drying.  Obviously, it is vital to dry from root to ends to avoid frizzing.

Tip Six: Give your hair a break from ponytails

Ponytails make our life so much easier.  It is a classic look because you can throw a band in your hair and give yourself a swept off the face style.  However, if you opt for pulling your hair back all the time, you will put a strain on your strands. If you must tie your hair back, try a looser ponytail sometimes, and use ties that won’t pinch at your locks.

Tip Seven: Sleep on silk

This advice might feel a little decadent.  It could be said to be similar to Marie Antionette suggesting poor people should just eat cake.  However, a cotton pillowcase will absorb your haircare products designed to keep your hair in condition.  Also, the constant friction between head and pillow can cause broken strands and frizz, making your morning routine a challenge.  A silk or satin pillowcase will counter both these factors and allow you the perfect beauty sleep.


, Top 7 Best Hair Care Tips For Every Hair Type

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  1. , Top 7 Best Hair Care Tips For Every Hair Type
    Margaret Gallagher
    December 19, 2019 / 10:18 pm

    Excellent tips – my only downfall is tying my hair up – going to start leaving it down !

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