Home: Little Changes That Make Your Style Look Much More Expensive

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, Home:  Little Changes That Make Your Style Look Much More Expensive

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Many of us want the look of luxury and prestige in the home but, let’s be honest, it’s probably not worth spending a fortune on. However, you don’t have to call in the interior designers for a complete refit. Here, we’re going to look at how to be mindful of the budget, only making a few little changes that can drastically change the feel and the look of your home.

, Home:  Little Changes That Make Your Style Look Much More Expensive

Don’t let clutter take over

For starters, there’s a certain understated quality to real luxury. Yes, there may be an opulent item here and there, but it’s not likely that the space is going to be cluttered up with a whole bunch of miscellaneous items that don’t really have anywhere to go. Decluttering the space is going to make for a much more relaxing, stress-free, and open space. It’s also going to draw the eyes to the focal points of the room, which is where the real luxury quality can stand out. Besides tossing out the things that are truly out of place and have nowhere to go, make sure you find or create new storage spaces so that you’re less likely to have cluttered surfaces to deal with.

Opt for the timeless look

When we think of luxury, of prestige, and of opulence, rarely do we think of the most clean looking and modern furniture. Rather, our minds tend to go to the timeless and the more classic look. Mid century furniture, for instance, will bring an undeniable aesthetic of class, especially if they’re using natural materials such as rosewood. The attention to detail and unique design of more timeless furniture will always look classier than going for the clean, somewhat empty look that’s so commonly associated with contemporary furniture for the moment. Invest in a good mid century dining table, for instance, and add a vignette on top of it and you could have a perfect focal point.

, Home:  Little Changes That Make Your Style Look Much More Expensive

Let your art do the talking

Speaking of focal points, if you want to draw the eye, then there are few better ways to do it than with a little visual art. It can help the walls feel a lot less bare and a couple of great art pieces can add some real character to the room without cluttering up the walls too much. Of course, it helps to have an eye for art, as you don’t want to choose something that is at odds with the feeling of the room, nor that more general aesthetic style that you’re aiming for. Choosing pieces that fit the colour palette of the room, or at least the colour temperature, is always a good idea. If you’re aiming for a look of timelessness in the room, or you find that your decor fits a certain period, reflecting that period with your art choice can help bring it to life, too.


Hide the TV

Don’t panic, you don’t have to throw the TV out entirely. However, there’s no denying that a big, blank screen can very much contrast with a more classy and opulent styling. There are a wide range of ways to help hide the TV. It can be as simple as a sliding wardrobe door, or as complicated as having a piece of art that lifts on a mechanic to reveal the screen. If you’re not willing to invest in hiding the TV, then you can at least minimise its impact by, for instance, placing it off-centre and surrounding it with other items of visual interest. The key here is that it doesn’t become the focal point of the room.

, Home:  Little Changes That Make Your Style Look Much More Expensive

Layer your lighting

Lighting has a significant role to play in any room and, believe it or not, may be the key determining factor to just how “luxe” a room looks. Playing with light and shadow can drastically change the feeling of a room. First of all, allowing for more natural light by using things like blinds and plantation shutters instead of curtains is always a wise choice. But then you need to look at how you layer your lighting. Besides your main light fixture, you should have task lighting that can help keep the most practical spaces of the room illuminated. However, accent lighting is where you get to make the room feel more comfortable and warmer, creating an intimacy that feels very indulgent, indeed.


You don’t need to follow every one of the tips above. Even one or two can make your room feel a lot more luxe without forcing you to dig too deep into your wallet.

, Home:  Little Changes That Make Your Style Look Much More Expensive

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    Margaret Gallagher
    December 20, 2019 / 9:08 pm

    Some fab ideas thanks ! I’m aweful when it comes to interiors

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