Jungle Boogie: Hosting The Perfect Rainforest Themed Party

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, Jungle Boogie: Hosting The Perfect Rainforest Themed Party

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Whether it’s a kids’ party or a celebration for the grown-ups, the theme of the moment is a tropical jungle. That means lots of greens, mixed with golds, leaves, exotic animals, and even rain-forest sounds. In fact, you can get an easy step by step guide on how to throw a jungle-themed party in my post below. 


Step One: Decorations 


First of all, you will need to create a jungle atmosphere at your venue or in the home. Happily, this is surprisingly easy to do as there are lots of resources you can buy or even make to give you that rainforest feel. 


The first type of decoration you will need is a garland of Monstera Palm leaves, which has become something of a style icon in the last few years. Now, you have plenty of choices here as you can buy fake, but very realistic looking leaves online, or you can follow the tutorial like the one below to make your own out of green card. Just be sure to use a few different shades of green to get a more realistic look. 


Of course, if your party is to be Pinterest and Instagram worthy, you will need a balloon arch as well. In fact, the best choice here is what is known as an organic arch where the balloons are filled to different sizes and positioned in a more asymmetrical style. 


Something that you can have a go at yourself or get a kit to do. Although from what I’ve heard, the effort involved in these DIY options is so high that you may be better off paying someone to do this part for you. Especially if you want your arch to stay the course of the entire celebration. 


Also, feel free to add additional party-appropriate touches such as foil letters, streamers, and even fairy lights for an extra magical touch to your decor. 


Step Two: Food & Drink


No party is complete without some delicious snacks and drinks, and it’s always more fun if you can theme the food and utensils too. With that in mind, look for palm leaf plates, paper straws, and even tiki cups in which to serve drinks and cocktails. 


Cupcakes iced in green buttercream with sugar tigers and elephants are a great shout, as are plates or cups of fruit. You could even knock up a cute lions head dip plate with hummus, olives, and peppers like the one you can see here.  


Step Three: Entertainment 


Finally, for your jungle party to be a success, you need to provide plenty of entertainment for your guests. Of course, the entertainment you pick will largely depend on the type of party and the age of the guests you are throwing it for. 


With sleeping lions and jungle-themed assault courses being a fun choice for the younger ones. Although, if you are hosting it for older guests, then a fun jungle themed soundtrack along with a safari-themed pub-style quiz can be very successful. 

, Jungle Boogie: Hosting The Perfect Rainforest Themed Party

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