How To Declutter For A Less Stressful Home

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, How To Declutter For A Less Stressful Home

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It is amazing how much stuff we all own. When you look around your home, it can be overwhelming to think about where it all came from. If you are someone who has let life get on top of them from time-to-time, your home may be full of clutter that you have no need for, but can’t seem to bring yourself to get rid of. You may have carried items from home-to-home whenever you have moved and now you feel trapped under the weight of everything that you own. 

, How To Declutter For A Less Stressful Home

Having a declutter is a good way of dealing with this, but often it can take a lot of will power to get started. You may know that you need to do it as it will make you feel much better in your home. However, getting into the mindset where you feel able to do it is going to be much more of a challenge.


Get Support


The first thing that you need to do is find someone who can help you to do it. This will be a major task for anyone, but if you have mental hurdles to jump, you may need somebody there to help you while you do that. 


Pick someone who will be emotionally supportive as well as useful. There will be a lot of work, and if they are very motivated you will find that you will move faster. Having someone else’s help will make everything far less overwhelming, and it should be much easier for them as they don’t have the same mental connection to the house. 


Work Out A Plan


You will almost certainly need to arrange rubbish pick up so that your items can get taken away. Find quotes from local companies. Once your home is cleared, you will be needing to do a deep clean, so go out and get yourself lots of cleaning products such as cloths, bleach, and multi-purpose cleaning spray.


Separate Your Possessions 


Once you are ready to start, work room-by-room and start separating your possessions into four piles. You should only keep things that you use, have a purpose for, or that you have strong connection to. Try to be as ruthless as you can and make sure that there is less going into your keep pile than anything else. 


The next pile that you will need will be the sell pile. These are items that are good enough to get listed on eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. Ensure that anything that gets put onto this pile gets listed as soon as possible so that it is not left hanging around in your home forever. 


For your next stack, you will be separating items that are destined for charity shops. Make sure you are not putting anything that is damaged or scruffy in there. Charity shops will only be able to make use of items that are intact. 


Finally, anything that is to be disposed of needs to be collected up together.

, How To Declutter For A Less Stressful Home


  1. , How To Declutter For A Less Stressful Home October 23, 2019 / 2:41 pm

    I love a good declutter!
    I had a massive one when I moved house and it was so liberating to get rid of things which were just taking up space x

  2. , How To Declutter For A Less Stressful Home
    Margaret Gallagher
    October 23, 2019 / 8:59 pm

    One day I’ll master this too ! Until then ill keep trying

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