Home: Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

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, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

In my dream house I would love a long entrance hallway.  Currently our front door opens up into a square landing which leads straight into the main house but we can always dream, right?  Whether your hallway is large or the size of a postage stamp there are still ways to make the most of this space.

Read on for my tips on how to make an entrance…in your hallway:

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

  1.  First Impressions Count

Before you even step into the hallway you can make a difference to the entrance by painting the front door.  Natural wood stained doors are out and bright and pastel colours are in.  Whether you have a wooden or PVC door they can still be painted.  Take a look on Instagram and Pinterest for ideas to choose your colour.  Remember to consider the area you live in, the houses around you and the period of your property.

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

2.  Welcome Mat

Door mats can say a lot about your home too.  They are often the first thing visitors see as they step into your house.  Your doormat could be quirky, coordinated or send a welcoming message .

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

3.  Tiles

I’m very envious of new homeowners pulling up carpet in their period properties and finding the original flooring such as Edwardian Parquet or Victorian tiles.  While it’s not an easy job to restore the results are stunning and well worth it in the end.  Modern homes can also benefit from statement tiles, parquet or even tile stickers to quickly update a hallway.

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

4.  Wallpaper or Paint?

Hallways can be transformed with beautiful, bold wallpaper.  Patterns can add interest and warmth to the entrance, making guests feel welcome.  If you instead decide to paint this area consider greens for a relaxing entrance or purples for a welcoming vibe.

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)


5.  Create a Gallery Wall

Make the most of the wall space in your hall by creating a gallery wall.  In smaller hallways this could be placed along the stairs.  Make a statement with bold art, inspire visitors with printed quotes and share your favourite family photographs.

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

6.  Stairway

Stairs can often be neglected but they can easily be more to your home.   Freshen up the stairways with a fresh lick of paint on the walls and banister.  Take up the carpet, paint the stairs and add a runner.  Create the illusion of more space with  seamless glass balustrades.  A glass staircase will let in more natural light and give a contemporary feel to your home.



, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

7.  Declutter

One issue with having a larger hall is it can quickly and easily become cluttered.  Bikes can be abandoned, bags can be dumped, piles of clothes to carry upstairs appear, paperwork overflows and soon the entrance becomes a dumping ground.  Keep your hallway as clear and uncluttered as you can.  If possible hide shoes and coats away in an under stairs cupboard or closet.  Keep only the bare minimum and decoration in the hallway.

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)


Talking of “clutter”, keep the things that you do need in your hallway organised.  If you have room, invest in a sideboard to store letters and paperwork.  Use clever wall organisers to keep your keys and other belongings tidy.  If you lack space and need to keep your coats in the hallway, consider hanging coats on a coat rail up your staircase.



, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

9.  A Runner

In large hallways, use a statement runner to lead guests into your home.

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)

10.  Plants

Plants make a stylish and healthy addition to every room in the house.  In a large hallway a plant stand or table can make a statement.  Where space is an issue consider hanging plants, macrame plants hangers are fun to make and look great too.  Even a postage stamp sized hall can fit in a mini hanging terrarium frame.


How do you make an entrance in your hallway?  I’d love to know your tips!

, Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)


  1. , Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)
    Margaret Gallagher
    October 11, 2019 / 8:04 pm

    Ours is more of a porch but long
    Stripped it right back
    Plain walls
    One large plant
    Wood floor
    Looks really good

  2. , Home:  Make an Entrance (in The Hallway)
    Emma England
    October 20, 2019 / 10:55 am

    I’m the same. No long hallway just a tiny square! Love the idea of a painted door, a really good idea

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