Nine Ways To Save Money Around The Home

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, Nine Ways To Save Money Around The Home

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Running a home is never cheap, and the costs of keeping your house nice can soon mount up. There are some changes that you can make to help you reduce your household spending and save some money.

, Nine Ways To Save Money Around The Home

  1. Turn off the television. Cut back on the amount of TV you watch and you could be surprised by how much you save. The obvious saving is of course the electricity used to run the TV, but you could also save by not being exposure to adverts encouraging you to shop. You’ll also have more time to do other things, like a side business. 
  2. Write a list before going food shopping and stick to it. This can help you to avoid impulse purchases and buying food you’ll end up wasting. Sign up for a rewards card at your supermarket too to get vouchers for the things you usually buy and points on your shopping. Just don’t don’t be tempted by deals you don’t need.
  3. Learn to make clothing repairs. Sewing is becoming a lost skill, but even basic skills can save you a lot of money. If you can sew back on a missing button, repair rips or patch holes, you won’t have to replace clothes as often, saving a lot of cash. 
  4. Buy a heated clothes airer. An airer that warms up is faster than a normal airer, but is also more energy efficient, and therefore cheaper, than running the tumble dryer. If you struggle to get washing to dry in the winter when the house is cold without using the dryer, a heated airer could be the answer. 
  5. Entertain the kids for cheap. Most children, especially younger ones, can be entertained without expensive toys. Instead, play in the garden, teach them to ride a bike, or make crafts out of the newspaper. For most kids, playing with you is better than spending your money.
  6. Video game fan? Buy games with good replay value. If you’re buying new games all the time, you’ll end up spending a lot of cash. Instead, choose games that will take a while to complete and that you’ll be able to enjoy replaying a few times. Puzzle or quest games are good for this. 
  7. Drink more water. Not only does drinking water make you healthier, it’s also a lot cheaper than buying fizzy drinks, coffee or juice. Being properly hydrated also helps you to feel full for longer, so you’ll eat less and save money on that too. 
  8. Batch cook. Dishes like lasagna, chili, casseroles, soups and stews can be made in large batches pretty cheaply and frozen for bargain meals later on. A slow cooker can be a great purchase to make cheap, batch meals. 
  9. Shop around for your grocery shopping. With online grocery shopping, it’s easy to compare the prices of the things you usually buy. Find where your shopping comes out cheapest and switch grocery stores. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of delivery, or the travel to the supermarket.


, Nine Ways To Save Money Around The Home

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  1. , Nine Ways To Save Money Around The Home
    Margaret Gallagher
    October 7, 2019 / 5:55 pm

    Im already super savvy – batch cooking saves a fortune

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