How To Make Your Visitors Feel Comfortable When They Visit

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, How To Make Your Visitors Feel Comfortable When They Visit

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It’s always fun to have your friends and family come to visit. You get to show them your home and all your favourite places. It’s important if you want to be a good host to make sure that your guest feels comfortable at that they feel at home. The key is to pre-empt your guest’s needs and consider what you’d expect when visiting a friend or a family member. 

Here a few ways that you can make your guests feel like your home is their home. 


Give Them Space For Their Belongings


Whether you have a spacious spare room, an air bed or your guests are just sleeping on the sofa for the night, you want to ensure that they have somewhere they can put their belongings that are out of the way. See if you can free up a spare drawer or some wardrobe space for them to put their things. Living out of a suitcase isn’t ideal if they’re planning on being with you more than a day or two. 


Invest In A Sofa Bed Or Offer Your Bedroom 


If you frequently have guests it makes sense to invest in a long-term place for them to sleep. Consider investing in a sofa bed so that they can get a good nights sleep and light an electric fireplace during the winter months. 

Gone are the creaky and cumbersome sofa beds of the past, many are now as luxurious and comfortable as a regular bed. Make up the bed before they arrive and use soft linens to make sure your guests feel comfortable. Don’t have space or funds to consider buying a sofa bed? Consider taking the sofa and letting your visitors take your bed, especially if its only one night. It shows good hospitality and your visitors will appreciate it. 


Give Guests Privacy


Even though you have visitors in your home it doesn’t mean that you have to be with them 24/7. Give them free time to enjoy their visit as they wish, as they may want to see and do things that you’ve already done before or simply aren’t interested in. Its also a great chance to get a breather, especially if you are used to living alone or with a smaller number of people. Head to bed early or chill out in your room for a while to give them time to relax and recharge their batteries. 


Make It Smell Nice 


We are all guilty of becoming ‘nose-blind’ when it comes to our living spaces. Avoid the embarrassing problem of cooking or pet smells by freshening your house with a nice scent. Consider buying scented candles, incense or even an oil burner to  keep your home smelling lovely and fresh. Put pet beds away and make sure the laundry is done to avoid any unwelcome smells. 


Clean Your Entire House


It might seem like a hassle especially if your guests are only visiting for a few days but make sure your house is spotlessly clean. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and the bathroom areas as they are most prone to dirt dust and grime. 

, How To Make Your Visitors Feel Comfortable When They Visit

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