Creating A Home Gym

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, Creating A Home Gym

If you are looking to create a home gym, there is a lot to consider. Below, we provide advice.

Choose the room wisely

Firstly, you need to select a room with care. Make sure you have invested in air conditioning installation so that you can be as comfortable as possible. Aslo, consider noise; both in regards to noise inside the room and the noise people can hear when you’re exercising!


New or second hand?

It can be tempting to buy second hand equipment for sale when you see it online, but there are some things you should keep in mind before you jump into such purchases. This is even more true when you’re planning on using this equipment physically, as health issues and injuries can happen.


There are numerous online websites that have made the buying and selling of second hand goods like electronics and gym equipment so much easier for everyone involved. The downside is that you’re not always getting what you pay for. Legislation protecting customers online is, at best, lax and this is especially the case when you’re dealing with second hand goods from independent vendors. Should your gym equipment fail to come up to the promised standard, or even break, there will be nothing you can do but shell out for a new set. This is why it pays to buy new equipment from reputable sellers. 


These companies will provide you with a full description as well as the possibility of a warranty or insurance (depending on who you buy from). If the goods are faulty you’ll be able to return them for a refund or replacement item and, perhaps most importantly, you’ll benefit from the legal protection that is afforded to consumers who buy on the high street. 


You should always save, and print a copy of, your confirmation of order/payment emails as well as any warranty that you may purchase. Think of these as the receipts that a shop in your local town centre would give you; if anything goes wrong you may need them.


Equipment advice


If you’re looking for a set of bumper plates for your garage gym, then you’ll first want to make sure that you know what kind of weights you’re currently lifting, and hope in the future to lift. You should also check that you have the right kind of barbell to accommodate them. The real question is whether to go for traditional, old school steel plates or proper, rubber bumper plates. The truth is that for a home gym, steel is fine; they’re cheaper and can be found in huge swathes online. However, if you’re looking to do specific workouts such as CrossFit, then there are real advantages to rubber bumpers. Because you may be dropping your barbell from head height, you will find that rubber bumpers are both quieter and safer, causing less damage to the floor. Make sure you look closely at reviews of the gym equipment bumpers and sets you’re thinking of investing in, though, as you don’t want anything too bouncy. There’s nothing worse than having the bar bounce right back up into your shins. 

, Creating A Home Gym

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  1. , Creating A Home Gym
    Margaret Gallagher
    October 14, 2019 / 2:33 pm

    One day id love a home gym – the garage is perfect

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