How to Find Childcare This Summer Holidays

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, How to Find  Childcare This Summer Holidays

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The summer holidays are nearly here.  This is one of my favourite times of year but it can cause a headache for many parents as they struggle to find childcare.  I’m lucky that I work from home, but even then I sometimes need to go to meetings and events that are child free.  Stay at home parents also need time to themselves whether it is for appointments or to recharge  their batteries while  they look after the kids 24/7.  But who can look after the children?  This is an issue for parents especially when family live far away.    The solution can be found at, the website that makes it easy to find local childcare.  Take a look at how you can use the site and our thoughts:

, How to Find  Childcare This Summer Holidays

Using to Find Local Childcare

The website is very well designed and organised.  It’s easy to see why it’s now used by over 2 million members.  I found it easy to navigate the site and find what I was looking for.

, How to Find  Childcare This Summer Holidays

Search for Childcare in Your Local Area

Begin by searching for the childcare service you require.  There’s a big range from baby sitters to childminders, including:

  • Babysitters
  • Childminders
  • Nannies
  • Au pairs
  • Nurseries
  • Nursery nurses
  • Maternity nurses
  • Private tutors
  • Schools
  • Childcare jobs
  • Douls
  • After School Clubs

Type in your postcode and area range and search.  You can filter your search to narrow the results too.

, How to Find  Childcare This Summer Holidays

Choosing Your Childcare

The childcare results in your area will be displayed.  I like the way the profiles give you a lot of information about each child carer.  This includes an image, a bio and where appropriate a rate.  From here, you can also view the profile, message or like a childcare provider.

, How to Find  Childcare This Summer Holidays

Childcare Provider Profiles

View childcare provider profiles for more information.  Everything you need to know is here.  There is a quick summary where you can check they are the right babysitter/childminder or childcare provider for you.  For example, you might be looking for a childcare provider who has special needs experience.

Each enhanced biography includes information about each carer including their experience and qualifications.  It’s easy to check their availability and fees too.

You can also view each childminder’s uploaded documents, such as their CV and certificates.


, How to Find  Childcare This Summer Holidays


For me, the really useful part of choosing the best childcare for my children was the reviews.  It’s so handy to hear how other families have got on with using the babysitters and childminders.  You can also message the potential child carers with any other questions you might have before booking your childcare.

If you are looking for childcare this summer and all year around,  I would recommend taking a look at

Earning Extra Money

On the other side of the website, if you are a babysitter, childminder, private tutor or childcare provider you can register and create a profile to help find work on this site too!

Have you used yet to find childcare?  You can create a free account today.



, How to Find  Childcare This Summer Holidays

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