Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail: Getting Our Children Ready For Big Changes In Life

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, Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail: Getting Our Children Ready For Big Changes In Life

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Whether moving home or moving job, there are so many big changes in life that we all undergo. As parents, it can be easy to maintain some sort of distance from changes, but when our children are undergoing these for the first time, we’ve got to ensure that we prepare them properly. When it comes to the big changes in life, these can result in numerous stresses, and while we can all argue that change is a good thing to an extent, it doesn’t make the transitional period less anxiety-inducing. So what can we do to make sure that our children are adequately prepared for these things? 


Making Sure We Are Prepared!

We can spend a lot of time focusing on our children and making them feel as calm as possible, but if we are inadequately prepared, or we are feeling the pressures, what message does this communicate to the children? Remember, they will always learn from the examples that we set. This means that we’ve got to be prepared, and failing to prepare is preparing to fail! This is why, especially in terms of something major like moving, that we’ve got to get all the admin setup beforehand. Sometimes there are things to make it easier for you. Companies like Grange Removals can do all the heavy lifting and so forth, but if you wait until the last minute to contact any sort of company for help, you are going to be of a stressed disposition. And there’s no point trying to hide the fact that you are stressed, because your children will pick up on it. Make it easy on yourself and everyone else, and turn the environment into a less stressful one.


Giving Your Children Enough Notice

We could think that it’s better to spring information on our children at the last minute because this minimises their worries. But this has the opposite effect. Instead of telling them something at the last minute, especially if you think they are too young to comprehend what’s going on, your children will get stressed and anxious regardless. It is much better for us to prepare our children with as much notice as humanly possible. This allows them the luxury to process information, but also, if they don’t react well to the news, because there’s plenty of time for them to come round to the idea, this makes for a less stressful buildup for everybody concerned. 


Honesty Goes A Long Way

We feel the temptation to shield our children from stress and anxiety. It comes from a heartfelt place, but if we think there’s going to be a lot of anxiety involved, it’s far better to come clean with this. This is especially true for older children. What we can’t avoid in life is stress and problems. But it’s far better for our children to develop resilience so they are able to cope better with problems as they come along. If we continue to shield our children from stressful situations, they will never learn how to cope with them. When there are big changes in life, we have to find that subtle balance of ensuring that they don’t get too overwhelmed, but they are also sufficiently prepared.

, Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail: Getting Our Children Ready For Big Changes In Life

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