Design Tips for Your Dining Room

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, Design Tips for Your Dining Room

The dining room is the heart of the home.  It’s not only the room where families come together to eat.  It’s where we catch up, chat, laugh and hold informal family meetings.  Long after meal times it’s a place where hobbies can be enjoyed and family board games played.  Take a look at these design tips for your dining room.

, Design Tips for Your Dining Room


Inspired by Wido’s great article about how to take your dining room to the next level, here are five dining room design tips:

1.   A Feature Wall

For a sophisticated look in your dining room, paint or wallpaper one feature wall.  Choose a bold colour that compliments the decor for a high end look.  Alternatively a striking geometric or floral pattern can can make a style statement in this important room in every household.  Depending on the layout of your dining room, your feature wall may also incorporate a fireplace or a stunning garden view through bi-fold doors.

2.  Dining Table

The dining table is the most important piece of furniture in your dining room.  Choose the largest table you can fit comfortably while still maintaining white space.  Extendable tables can be convenient if you only need a larger table for occasional entertaining.  Bear in mind how many people will usually sit in this room when choosing your Dining Room Furniture.  If you are short on space consider bench seating which can take up less room.  Dress the table so the dining room always looks inviting and ready to use.  Fresh flowers on the table keep the room looking incredible while green house plants soften the room and are good for your health too.

3.  Light it Up

Consider your dining room lighting carefully.  I’m a huge fan of hanging pendant lighting over the dining room table.  It creates a focal point and really defines the dining space.   Before you hang your lights think carefully about the position of your dining table.  They may not be so effective if you move your dining table to one side when not in use.  Make sure the light emits a warm glow  for ambience that is not too harsh on the other diners.  The lights should hang approximately 30 inches from the tabletop.

4.  Furniture

A dining room of course needs more than a dining table to be functional.  Add a sideboard to store your tableware, cutlery, glasses and maybe even board games.  Add a talking point with a drinks globe or trolley.  These are stylish and help make serving your guests drinks fun and effortless.

5.  Wall Art

Lastly, every dining room needs some wall art to personalise the room.  You could choose art that compliments the colour and decor, family photographs or inspirational family and foodie quotes.  Personally I love retro wall art such as vintage adverts of our favourite food brands in the kitchen and dining room.

I hope these five tips have helped inspire you to design your dining room.  Take a look at Design Tips to Take Your Dining Room to the next Level for more ideas.

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, Design Tips for Your Dining Room


, Design Tips for Your Dining Room

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