5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Builder

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, 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Builder

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Planning to have building work done on your house is exciting whether you’re having a warm roof extension, a new kitchen or an attic conversion.  Once you’ve decided on your chosen project(/s) and have secured the funds it’s time to start planning the task.  Once of the most important decisions you need to make is which builder you decide to use.  Here is a handy list of 5 things to consider when choosing a builder to renovate your home:

, 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Builder

  1.  Check Out Your Choices

There’s no doubt that there will be a choice of builder’s available to you.  Make a list of all the potential local builders.  Ask friends, family and neighbours, use an internet search, look out for local trade vans, make a note of building company signs on local builds and search building directories such as Which? Trusted Traders.  Once you have a comprehensive list of builders you can begin to narrow it down and find the best builder for your needs.

, 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Builder

2.  Read and Listen to Testimonials

While still deciding which builder to choose, begin to research testimonials and example of previous work.  This can also reassure you that the builder understands the type and style of build that you’d like to achieve.  Again, the internet can be helpful.  Search for reviews on the builder’s website.  I love the extension on this Builders Bournemouth site.  It’s the  dream warm roof extension with bi-fold doors that I’d love to have one day. Seeing their gallery of past work would definitely inspire me to hire them if I was in the area.

Local Facebook groups are handy too for recommendations.  Most importantly, try and speak to people in real life who have used these builders.  That will give you reassurance that they are quality builders you really can trust.

3.    Ask Questions

Once you’ve begun to narrow your list of potential builders down, now is your chance to ask them questions.  These will vary from project to project but important topics to ask about include:

  • insurance
  • warranty
  • style
  • current work
  • possible start dates
  • typical turnaround time

The best builders will often have a wait time while they complete other projects so make sure you choose the best builder for your project and not just the first one available.  The best things come to those who wait.

4.  Get Quotes

Always get more than one quote when planning a big project.  Don’t necessarily opt for the cheapest quote.  The quality of your build is more important than getting the cheapest work.  However, you do want the fairest deal.  Respected builders often get the best deals at local trade businesses.  They are then able to pass these discounts onto you whilst still making a good profit on their hard work, as they of course should.

5.  Good Communication

Good communication is often the easiest way to rule out business companies.  So many say they are free to do the work at an early date then never get back to you.  Homeowners far prefer builders to be truthful about their availability.  Once you’ve chosen the building firm for your work they’re going to be at your house a lot so it’s important to choose builders you can communicate well with, and are friendly and trustworthy.


What building work are you planning next? 

, 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Builder

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