31 Ways to Reduce Single Use Plastic this July #GoPlasticFree

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Reduce single use plastic, 31 Ways to Reduce Single Use Plastic this July #GoPlasticFree

July is Plastic Free Month.  With recent news reports reminding us just how devastating the impact of plastic pollution is to our ocean, this is a positive initiative so we can all help in some way.  I know this issue isn’t new and we have all been doing our bit over the years – however I know I still have a lot more to do.  Here are 31 ways we can help reduce single use plastic (if you’re already doing all of them that apply to you then tell a friend who needs inspiration):

Reduce single use plastic, 31 Ways to Reduce Single Use Plastic this July #GoPlasticFree

31 Ways to Help Reduce Single Use Plastic

  1.   Take the pledge to go as plastic free as you can this July.
  2. Say no to plastic bags (pop a fold-able cotton bag into your bag).
  3. Always use a reusable water bottle.
  4. Arrange to have your milk and orange juice delivered in glass bottles.
  5. Buy bamboo toothbrushes for the family (make sure they’re FDA approved).
  6. Buy reusable straws in a carry case so you can always say no to plastic straws.
  7. Replace single use plastic cutlery with a bamboo set.
  8. Bring your own eco coffee cup.
  9. Use bamboo picnic cups.
  10. Pick up or get a vegetable box delivered from local growers.
  11. Find and visit your local whole foods shop for plastic free store cupboard essentials.
  12. Make or buy plastic free food wraps (Beeswax wraps or vegan alternative).
  13. Stock up on face cloths and say no to baby wipes.
  14. Replace your toothpaste tube with toothpaste in a jar.
  15. Use a shampoo and conditioner bar instead of bottle.
  16. Swap your washing up liquid for a washing up bar.
  17. Use coconut fibre scouring pads.
  18. Write with a plastic free pencil where you can instead of pen.
  19. Buy a refillable fountain pen
  20. Stop buying comics and magazines wrapped in plastic (look out for compostable alternatives).
  21. Say no to throwaway plastic toys (in kids meals, at parties etc).
  22. Bring your own lunch instead of buying plastic wrapped sandwiches.
  23. Say no to packaging heavy takeaways.
  24. Buy a plastic free razor (no more disposables).
  25. Shine without glitter (and if you really need it use plant based biodegradable glitter).
  26. Use fabric bunting at parties instead of balloons.
  27. No more balloon releases- consider lighting a candle for a loved one instead.
  28. Ditch the plastic occasion banners, buy or make fabric ones.
  29. Buy plastic free sanitary towels/tampons or even better use reusable cloth pads or a menstrual cup.
  30. Use wooden matches instead of disposable plastic lighters.
  31. Bulk buy ingredients and make your own cleaning products.

I hope some of these ideas are useful.  I’m looking forward to incorporating a new plastic free ideas into our own lives.  At the moment, it can be difficult to ditch single use plastic completely and we need shops and manufacturers to make big changes too.  We can help by emailing brands and calling them out on their packaging.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani have continued their War on Plastic campaign, since presenting the program and you can show your support using #waronplastic and #ourplasticfeedback .  Shoppers are also encouraged to unwrap any plastic items at the till and return the packaging to the supermarket with a written note.

You could also sign Greenpeace’s petition to ask supermarkets to go plastic free.

Remember to always recycle (where possible) the plastic that you do currently use.

Take part in local beach litter pick ups and if your a diver join Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners (NARC).

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Please let me know your tips for going plastic free!

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Reduce single use plastic, 31 Ways to Reduce Single Use Plastic this July #GoPlasticFree





Reduce single use plastic, 31 Ways to Reduce Single Use Plastic this July #GoPlasticFree

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