Travel: The Foodies Have Spoken: What Are the Top 10 Restaurants to Visit in California?

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, Travel: The Foodies Have Spoken: What Are the Top 10 Restaurants to Visit in California?

Eating out at various restaurants is something many people enjoy doing, especially when on vacation. For example, visiting a new city or destination opens up a lot of different food options for one to choose from depending on what they are craving in that instance. Below is a closer look at different restaurant options based on various cuisines to choose from when visiting the state of California and how to eat on a budget when on vacation with a family.

, Travel: The Foodies Have Spoken: What Are the Top 10 Restaurants to Visit in California?

Asian Cuisine

California is a state that is known for many things, and its cuisine options are certainly on that list. For instance, Asian cuisine is rather popular there, and there are many restaurants to choose from. For example, Lona’s Lil Eats specialises in fresh Asian food combined with soul food to set it apart from the many Asian restaurants. Their use of fresh ingredients and all foods made from scratch make them a very desirable eatery for many people living in the state or anyone vacationing there.



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Top Fast-Food Restaurants

People often times look for a less expensive option when it comes to feeding a family while on vacation, however, they still want these options to be somewhat healthy and nutritious. For example, Pink’s Hot Dogs has become a staple for many people and celebrities (such as James Corden) alike for their jalapenos topped dogs and so much more. They even sell a vegan dog!  Other restaurants include In-N-Out Burger, El Pollo Loco, Shake Shack, Amy’s Drive Thru and more. The list is literally quite endless, as new eateries pop up all the time in different areas.

Possible Fast-Food Options

Eating fast-food does not have to be an unhealthy experience for the family. For instance, a lot of vacation destinations have many different food stands or food trucks where one can grab a bite to eat while they are sightseeing or simply walking around. Such options include hot dogs, sandwiches, wraps, salads, burgers, pizza, pulled pork and so much more. These stands or trucks offer menu items that are made-to-order, allowing guests to customise their food based on their diet, but still allowing them to focus on a specific type of flavor or food.

Fine Dining Options

Many couples enjoy experiencing a wonderful dinner that tastes amazing and is enjoyed in a great atmosphere. Fine dining restaurants combine excellent service, ambience, delicious food and drink to make an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for many years to come. Some of these restaurants include The Little Door, The Sherman, Providence, 71 Above, Perch and Bestia are just a few to name.

What To Expect When Dining In Finer Establishments

Fine dining definitely provides a much different experience than the average restaurant. First, there is usually a dress code to adhere by and that typically includes men in business/casual attire, while women are dressed in appropriate clothing that can be deemed evening wear, but can be casual as well. Second, many of these restaurants have an 18 or older policy to help keep the atmosphere fun and light, instead of having younger kids that are crying or yelling, thus causing possible disruptions to the other diners there. Finally, patrons can expect the evening to be a rather expensive one because the food options at fine dining restaurants are speciality seafood dishes and gourmet prepared meat dishes, as well as the cocktails and the superb wine selection.

Expectations At A Casual Restaurant

Just because a restaurant is deemed casual, does not mean that the food options are not out of this world. There are many amazing restaurants that are popular by the locals, as well as vacationers, and are hole-in-the-wall places that patrons visit wearing shorts, tank tops and sandals. As long as the food tastes and looks amazing, it doesn’t matter if it comes from a food truck or from a kitchen in a sit-down restaurant.

The Evolution Of The Food Scene

Years ago, going out to eat meant going to a restaurant and sitting at a table while being served food and drinks. While this is still the case, food trucks, food stands and food festivals have taken over in popularity among many people worldwide. This is a laid back and affordable approach to trying new foods while hanging out with family and friends in a fun environment. With so many food options to choose from, one is able to walk away very satisfied with their food, as well as having a great time doing so.

How To Find Restaurants To Try When On Vacation

When a family is on vacation, there is not enough time to try everything that is recommended in the short time they will be there, especially in a large state like California. In order to try various foods, it is recommended that you make a list of the must-have foods while there. Then, scope out the various restaurants that offer the food of interest, while keeping in mind the budget set forth for the duration of the vacation.

How To Eat On A Budget While On Vacation

A vacation can get rather expensive, especially when it comes to feeding a family three meals a day. Instead, chose one meal to splurge on for the day while eating less-expensive options for the other two meals during that day. For example, if dinner is of interest, then choose bagels for breakfast and maybe sub sandwiches or a salad for lunch.

A vacation is a great time for family and friends to get together to have a wonderful time and to experience different activities, as well as new foods to try and to enjoy. California has a plethora of various cuisines to try, as well as making it affordable to enjoy the vacation and everything it has to offer. So whether you prefer fine dining, fast-food or street food, the options are available and one is sure to enjoy the many food adventures to have, especially in a state like California and its many cities.

Have you visited California?  Where would you recommend?

, Travel: The Foodies Have Spoken: What Are the Top 10 Restaurants to Visit in California?

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