Hey Kids, Welcome to the 90s! #Ad

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, Hey Kids, Welcome to the 90s! #Ad

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It feels strange to me that the 90s are to my own children what the 60s were to me.  I mean, how did that happen?  The 1990s were only a couple of years ago, right?  But the 1960s is ancient (okay, “modern”) history- I even studied it as a topic in school.  Time passes so quickly and it’s hard to determine exactly when the present day becomes History.  As a child I had a fascination with the “swingin’ 60s”, it was surely the most romanticised decade this century (although they say if you actually remember it then you were never there) and I used to feel quite disappointed when I listened to real life accounts of everyday life in that era.  In reality it wasn’t all psychedelic fun-  who knew? It was for the most part just people and families getting by after the shadow of war, going to school, getting up every day working, just like today.  There’s no doubt though that it was an influential decade- so much of the fashion, music, TV and films live on today and the same could be said of the 90s too.  People often call it “the decade that never ended” as in some ways not much has changed since.  Just like “The Beatles” and “The Rolling Stones” were loved by both my parents and my own generation, my kids are growing up seeing and hearing the popular bands of the 90s, such as the amazing Spice Girls (“Girl Power!”) on prime time TV and touring today:

, Hey Kids, Welcome to the 90s! #Ad

The 1990s

I was 16 when the Spice Girls released “Wannabe” in 1996.  At that age I could have simple labelled myself as too old to be a fan of a “girl band” but thankfully I had a younger sister who was fully immersed into the Spice Girl madness of the 90s, so myself and my older sister got to embrace it too.  I remember us three dancing in the living room when the “Wannabe” video premiered on Top of the Pops.  Oh yes we loved to “Zig-a-zig-ah“.   An advantage of being older was getting to dance to their tunes in clubs too- whilst wearing white flares, crop tops and huge platform (which thankfully wasn’t shared all over social media).

Soundtrack to my Life

I remember the summer of ’96 so well.  I completed my GCSEs and left school.  It was a long summer of working hard at at a fast food outlet at a holiday park in Tenby and partying even harder.   The Spice Girls songs – along with artists such as Madonna, Alannis Morrisette, The Beautiful South, Roxette, The Wildhearts, The Charlatans and so many more formed a background soundtrack to this time of my life  “2 Become 1” reminds me of the young love that I felt at that time; “Spice Up Your Life” was the ultimate party song for me as a 17 year old dancing queen and “Stop” reminds me of wising up as I moved on to college.

Spice Girls:  Best Ever Fan

For some, the Spice Girls meant so much more to them, they went to every concert and had every poster on their wall.  Walkers recently launched a competition to find The Spice Girls Best Ever Fan.  They thought they’d found their winner but would he love the Spice Girls enough to share his Walkers crisps with?  Take a look and find out for yourself in Walker’s hilarious new advert starring Guz Khan as their” biggest fan”, Dev, the Spice Girls as themselves and a couple of special guest appearances-  even from one of the Gogglebox families:

Were you a Spice Girls fan in the 90’s?  Are you perhaps their biggest ever fan?  Would you share your Walkers crisps with them?  They could have a whole pack of my cheese and onion flavour but I wouldn’t be so willing to share Salt & Vinegar…

, Hey Kids, Welcome to the 90s! #Ad

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  1. , Hey Kids, Welcome to the 90s! #Ad
    Margaret Gallagher
    February 13, 2020 / 7:00 pm

    Thats top !
    Loved their music
    I rather have salt and vinegar too

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