Alternatively, why not go for air fryer chips instead? In fact, with this method, you can use just a tbsp full of oil for a whole batch, and you get to choose the oil you use too! FYI using peanut oil is super tasty and help them to go very crispy!


You can even cook these bad boys straight from raw too, making them a super easy, guilt-free treat or accompaniment to a meal that the whole family can enjoy.


Decaf hot drinks

, Guilt Free Edible (& Drinkable) Treats That Are Actually Good For You!

Caffeine is another of those substances that we can easily fall into the pattern of having way too much of. Of course, this isn’t particularly healthy for us because caffeine raises your heart rate and so can cause anxiety, trouble sleeping, and even upset your stomach. All symptoms that most busy folks could do without on a day to day basis.


However, for those of us that love a revitalising hot drink, it can be tough to make the decision to avoid caffeine, especially if it has become an integral part of your day. Luckily, there is no longer any need to cut out all soothing hot drinks, if you are looking to reduce your caffeine intake. The reason being that you can get products such as decaffeinated tea and even decaffeinated coffee beans now. Something that means you can enjoy the taste and experience of your favourite drink without having to worry that it’s doing you harm. In fact, for those folks that love a hot drink for bed, a decaffeinated option is absolutely the best choice.


Kale crisps


Crisps, if you’re anything like my family, you’ll be tempted to eat them every day! From corn snacks to the traditional potato variety. They all come in those massive family share bags now too, which can make it a little difficult to stop at a single portion and definitely lead to some guilt and recreation once you are done.

, Guilt Free Edible (& Drinkable) Treats That Are Actually Good For You!

In fact, it’s almost as if we could do with something that was like a crisp, but was way more healthy! Of course, what I’m talking about here are kale chips, which might not sound like your new favourite guilt-free snack, but actually, have a whole load of potential.


They are super easy to make as well, just get the curly kale or black kale from supermarkets that is already cut. Then follow the recipe here for oven cooking, or use your air fryer to make them instead. The latter being a super quick method.


Now, you can totally have them plain or salted, but what really makes them for me is investing in some powdered flavouring such as cheese, or salt and vinegar and sprinkling on those instead for that delicious savoury hit without the guilt! Yum!

Alcohol-free cocktails


There are two times in the year where it seems like it becomes mandatory to drink alcohol. Christmas and the Summer. The latter being in full swing! However, alcohol isn’t the best choice for everyone, as too much of the stuff can affect behaviour and your health.


Happily, there are all sorts of delicious alcohol-free cocktail ideas that you can use, so you don’t have to miss out on a refreshing treat during the hot days!


One of the nicest I’ve tried is low-calorie lemonade mixed with elder flower cordial. Add a few slices of cucumber and strawberry too and then chill and you really have a yummy, summer tipple without having to worry about any of the guilt.

, Guilt Free Edible (& Drinkable) Treats That Are Actually Good For You!

Of course, the added bonus is that you won’t have a hangover come the morning after either, and you will have got some of your 5 a day. Something that really makes this alcohol free option not only delightful but pretty darn good for you as well!  


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