Family Travel: 5 Reasons to Visit Orlando

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, Family Travel:  5 Reasons to Visit Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is the top tourist destination in the United States and it’s easy to see why.  A visit to Orlando can be the holiday of a lifetime with sunshine and everything you need for your family break.  Take a look at five reasons to visit Orlando, Florida:

, Family Travel:  5 Reasons to Visit Orlando

  1.  The Florida Sunshine

There’s a reason Florida is nicknamed “the sunshine state”- the sun shines in Florida on almost every single day of the year. The weather in Orlando is at its hottest from mid-June to mid-September when temperatures can average as high as 82°F in August.   Afternoon thunderstorms  usually occur on a daily basis which provide a welcome relief from the heat.  The best time of year to visit Orlando is from mid-September to early November when the temperatures are down from their summer highs of 90°F into a more comfortable range around 75°F. The thunderstorms begin to taper off in September and the humidity reduces.

, Family Travel:  5 Reasons to Visit Orlando

2.  The Parks

Of course, Orlando is most well known for the parks.  It’s home to world class and world famous theme parks including  Volcano Bay and the ultimate dream theme park- Walt Disney World.  Two other attractions on my bucket list-  LEGOland Florida and The Kennedy Space Centre are just a drive away.  Remember to save money and get your Universal Studios tickets for your holiday online before you visit.

Whether you’re a roller-coaster fan,  a movie buff or just crazy about Disney (I’m all three!), the theme parks of Orlando have something to amaze you.

, Family Travel:  5 Reasons to Visit Orlando

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3.  Historical Landmarks

There’s even more to Orlando than theme parks and sunshine.  While holidaying there be sure to check out the history of the area and travel back in time to when Florida was mainly orange groves and swamps.

Good places to visit include:

  • the Orange County Regional History Center – a four-story historic courthouse building and home to four floors of museum exhibits
  • the nearby Winter Park Scenic/Historical Boat Tour – an 18-passenger pontoon boat that gently carries you along Winter Park’s chain of lakes while tour guides inform you of the history behind the lakes and the surrounding region as you meander through the pristine waters
  • Thornton Park – a popular historic area featuring Colonial and Mediterranean-style architecture, cobblestone streets, bungalows, and quaint restaurants with delicious food. Thornton Park has been around since the 1800s and another landmark is Greenwood Cemetery, which is located on the Park’s southern edge and is the resting place of many of Orlando’s founders.

4.  Orlando Lakes

Orlando is home to over 100 lakes where you can enjoy walking, swimming*, boating, kayaking, or just simply spending time with friends and family.  You could take a paddle-boat tour on Lake Killarney, sunbathe and swim at Lake Virginia (no swimming during the summer months due to increased bacteria- always follow the  warning signs), Camp and BBQ at Lake Toho, take a swan boat on Lake Eola (look out for the black and white swans),  take in the beautiful scenery and Florida wildlife on an Orlando Boat Tour or watch the infamous and now historic Lucky’s Lake Swim (only take part if you dare).

*only swim in designated swimming areas.  Always be aware of Alligators and follow local advice.


, Family Travel:  5 Reasons to Visit Orlando

5.  Always Something New

Orlando is the holiday of a lifetime but people keep returning for more and there are always new attractions for them to enjoy.  Recent new developments include the expansion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the opening of the Orlando Eye, the opening of the brand new Water Theme Park Volcano Bay, the opening of a Toy Story themed land  and Walt Disney World have also announced many new attractions coming soon including a Star Wars themed land opening in August.

If you’ve never been to Orlando before, start saving and planning as there is so much there for you to enjoy on a family holiday.  If you’ve been to Orlando before and are thinking of going back, go for it-  there will be something new and exciting for you and your friends and family to enjoy on your visit.

Where would you most like to visit in Orlando?

, Family Travel:  5 Reasons to Visit Orlando

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