Don’t stop your artistic stride


The only thing that stops our flow in photographer mode when we’re abroad is our memory. Well, it’s the phone’s memory to be exact. Most smartphones have a peak setting to their camera, such as 12MP and the resolution such as 3400×2800. However with the aftereffects many internal softwares use to get the best out of every photo, each photo can end up being many tens of megabytes. You can’t take hundreds of photos all sized 57mb for long without running out of room. Thankfully, you can use iCloud photo sharing options to not only store thousands upon thousands of your holiday snaps, but send them to your friends and loved ones immediately. You can also share them with other apps you have, such as image editing and wallpaper apps.

Always try to get as many different angle shots of one famous place on your holidays. Don’t settle for one, really get creative and don’t worry about running out of space when you have iCloud to store everything in real time.


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