A Quick Guide to Buying Coloured Gems and Jewels

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, A Quick Guide to Buying Coloured Gems and Jewels

Followers of fashion know that coloured gems and jewels are hot right now. They are so popular that many brides choose coloured stones for engagement rings.   Most consumers are not as familiar with shopping for coloured stones as they are for diamonds.  Here’s some helpful information when buying coloured gems and jewels:

, A Quick Guide to Buying Coloured Gems and Jewels

Something Old, Something New?

Are you looking for a new piece of jewellery or an item with more history?  Many people prefer to buy antique jewellery as it’s great quality and maintains (and often increases) value, it has a story behind it and whatever colour gem you’re looking for it’s guaranteed to be green (in the eco-friendly way).  If you’re looking to buy antique jewellery, take a look at https://carusjewellery.com/ .

Colour Your World

There are many different gems and jewels on the market. Visit websites like AdinasJewels.com to get an idea of the variety of stones. Colour is one of the first things to look at. The best stones have a strong, vibrant colour. Diamonds make people think of cool terms like icy and frosty. However, one should describe a coloured stone as fiery and warm.

Carat Weight

Do not make the mistake of thinking the bigger stone is always the most valuable. Ordinarily, larger stones are more valuable. However, a smaller stone with excellent colour and a great cut could be worth more. Jewellers use the term, bluffy, to describe a large, coloured stone that looks better than it is.

Cut and Clarity

The cut does not affect the value of coloured gems as it does with diamonds. Indeed, experts say intense cuts take away from the gem’s natural beauty. Likewise, the value of coloured stones is only slightly affected by inclusions. That’s because most coloured gems tend to have small inclusions.

Myths Associated With Stones

Many coloured stones have legends associated with them and that may interest some shoppers. For instance, people in early civilisations thought rubies were sacred because red is the colour of blood. Only the very rich could afford the stone. Therefore, lower classes thought the rich had the key to life.

There are also tales that focus on the emerald. One was supposed to be able to see the future by putting an emerald under the tongue. Likewise, topaz stones were thought to protect the owners from the disease. Find some legends about your favourite gems.


Jewellers must inform consumers as to whether a stone is natural or treated. It’s common for gemstones to go through some treatment. Rubies and sapphires are often heated to treat inclusions. The jeweller either wants to remove, reduce or enhance the inclusion. Emeralds often have cracks in them and natural oils are used to seal the crack.

Consumers should also be informed as to whether the stone is natural or made in a lab. Stones are created in a laboratory when the natural alternative is hard to get. Amazingly, lab-created gems are physically and chemically identical to natural stones. They are not considered fakes or imitations in the jewellery world.

Geographical Region

Where a stone comes from can affect its value. For example, rubies and sapphires that come from Burma have a different colour than those from Mozambique and Madagascar. People will pay much more for a Burmese ruby. The most desirable sapphires are mined in Kashmir and Burma. Further, look to Colombia and Zambia for valuable emeralds.

The average person cannot travel to Burma or Kashmir to pick up a stone. However, armed with the knowledge, one can ask the jeweller to find a Zambian emerald. Enjoy shopping and exploring the world of colourful jewels. Be sure to follow the jeweller’s recommendations as to care and maintenance. Gemstones and their settings should be inspected on a regular basis.


, A Quick Guide to Buying Coloured Gems and Jewels

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