Wedding Entertainment to Wow Your Guests!

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, Wedding Entertainment to Wow Your Guests!

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Your wedding day is of course to celebrate you and your partner joining in matrimony- making the ultimate commitment and making your relationship official legally. But of course, your big day isn’t just about the pair of you. What makes it really special is the people there to celebrate with you, and so making things fun and enjoyable for them should be a priority. Weddings can take a lot of time and effort for guests, they need to travel to the location, buy a gift, a new outfit and maybe even take time off work to be able to join you. By providing entertainment, you’re essentially giving something back to them. Here are five fun ideas.

, Wedding Entertainment to Wow Your Guests!

Photo booth

Of course, you’ll have a professional photographer on your big day who will capture gorgeous imagery for your wedding album. But a photo booth is a fun way guests can keep themselves occupied, and take some funny pictures in a more lighthearted way. Photo booth companies come with all kinds of props and fun items to include in the pictures, or you could buy these things yourself and set up a camera and let guests take pictures of each other. You’ll get to see  whole different side of your wedding day.

Live band

Weddings are all about the music, getting people up onto the dancefloor and having a boogy is half the fun of the evening. But along with your DJ who can play you all of your favourite classics and up to date tracks, why not have a wedding band like come in and do a set for an hour or two? Many wedding bands will have their own songs to play and others will accept requests for your favourite songs if booked ahead so it’s something to look into. It’s something guests will love, and what could be more special than have a talented live band play you and your partner a song that really means something to you both?

Chocolate fountain

Not exactly a form of entertainment within itself, but definitely something that will keep people entertained! From kids to adults alike, everyone enjoys a chocolate fountain and it could add a whole new dimension to your wedding dining. Either hire a chocolate fountain and run it yourself, or bring a company in who will deal with everything for you. Most will provide lots of things to dip from fruit to brownies to marshmallows- it’s sure to keep your guests happy!

, Wedding Entertainment to Wow Your Guests!

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Lawn games

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, or there’s space outdoors for guests to enjoy at your venue then lawn games can be a lot of fun and get everyone mixing. From giant jenga to snakes and ladders, connect 4 and more, you can find these cheaply online and could really add an extra something to your wedding reception. Perfect for summer weddings when the weather is warm.

Fireworks display

What better way to end a magical evening than with a stunning fireworks display? Especially nice if your wedding is in the autumn around bonfire night, but could be something you could do any time of year. Be aware that in the summer, especially in the peak of summer, the light doesn’t fade until quite late into the evening so be sure to plan for this accordingly. Check that your venue allow fireworks, and hire a company to come in and put on a show for you and your guests.

What entertainment would you love to have at your wedding?

, Wedding Entertainment to Wow Your Guests!

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