Spending More Family Time Outdoors

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, Spending More Family Time Outdoors


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It’s probably safe to say that most families have had their fair share of lazy days at home over the colder months. While you might still go on the occasional family day out, regardless of the weather, when it’s raining or windy outside, there’s often nothing better than a day tucked up at home in comfy clothes watching favourite family films, eating comforting food, baking cakes and generally staying warm. This might have meant lots of weekends where the kids have been on games consoles or screens much more than you’d ideally like.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, there are plenty of advantages to kids spending time online and using technology, and you might have spent plenty of quality family time indoors crafting, playing games and baking. But, now that summer is coming you might be keen to get outdoors, spending more time together as a family.

But, going to attractions can be very expensive. Prominent tourist attractions can cost a fortune just for the entrance. Then you spend more on travel, food and souvenirs. Even a trip to your local park can start to get costly if you add in ice creams, snacks and travel. If you are after a cheap, family day out, there’s no better place to go than your own back garden. Here are some ideas of ways to spend more time outside together as a family.

Start a Project Together

Even young children love to get involved in gardening. They enjoy mundane tasks like digging up weeds and painting fences, so let them help. You could add a pond together with supplies from https://www.swelluk.com/pond/pond-filters-24/ and give older children some responsibilities when it comes to cleaning and feeding. You could install a flower bed and get the kids to help you to choose plants. Or, you could start growing fruit and vegetables together. Even in a small space, you can grow some things in hanging baskets or window boxes.

Get Messy

How many times have you warned your children to be careful when painting indoors, or had to sweep up sequins and googly eyes after a crafting session? Taking your messy play outdoor is the perfect solution. Fill some water guns with paint and set up an easel with large sheets of paper, or take their Play-Doh collection outside. You’ll all have more fun if you’re not worried about the mess.

Take Their Toys Outside

, Spending More Family Time Outdoors

You can get some brilliant outdoor toys to fill your garden. But, you don’t have to. There’s nothing wrong with taking their usual toys outside for the day. Young children can get hours of joy with a washing up bowl filled with water and some empty pots, pans and bottles. Don’t feel like you have to spend money to make your garden fun.

Eat Outdoors

, Spending More Family Time Outdoors

Eating outside is lovely. Somehow, food seems to taste better when it’s eaten outside in the sunshine. So, eat outside. If you’ve got a barbecue, fantastic but if not, cook inside and take the food outside. Or, throw a blanket on the ground and enjoy a summer afternoon picnic with everyone’s favourites.

What are your tips for spending more family time outdoors?

, Spending More Family Time Outdoors

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