Work: How to Save Money on Your Commute

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, Work:  How to Save Money on Your Commute

Commuting times are on the increase and so is the cost for commuters.  Some people commute every day while others mainly work from home  with occasional travel needed for work.  Whichever situation you find yourself in there are ways to save money on your commute:

 1.  Telecommute

Before you physically commute into work check that you really need to go in or could you work from home just as productively?

2.  Cycle to Work

If you live close enough to cycle to work there are many advantages to your health, the environment and your bank balance.  If this interests you find out if your employer is part of the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme and you could save money on your new bike.

Cycling to work isn’t suitable for everyone due to mobility issues, lack of cycle lanes in some areas and how much you carry to work each day (I would have found this impossible as a teacher!) but it’s worth considering and if not there are other options available to you.

3.  Car Share

If you drive to work you could share the journey to work with a friend or colleague each day.  If you both drive you could alternate the days or weeks you drive or you could work out a fair weekly contribution towards fuel.  This can also make the journey pass more quickly and pleasurably.

4.  Parking

There are other ways to keep the costs down while travelling to work by car.  Regularly maintain your car and tyres to keep fuel efficiency.  Shop around when buying fuel.  Make the most of any special offers.  If season car park tickets are available consider investing in one.  If there is a cheaper car park nearby consider parking there and walking the rest of the way to work resulting in more exercise and increased vitamin D each day too!

5.  Use Public Transport

For many people public transport is the most convenient way to get to work.  It can free up your time to get on with work as you travel.

Buy season tickets to make transport cheaper all year around.  These can be a big expense to pay up front but some employers offer interest-free season ticket loan schemes to their workers.  If this is not available to you consider buying your season card on a 0% purchases credit card and paying if off monthly (make sure you  pay off the cost in full before the introductory interest free deal comes to an end.).

Travel cards can also save you money as will buying rail tickets in advance.

6.  Frequent Flyers

If you’re a frequent flyer for work there are ways to save money on your flights.  Book in advance and be flexible with the day you fly to get the best deal.  Join a frequent flyers reward scheme to cash in on bonuses.

Don’t forget to make savings on the way to the airport too.  Invest in carnet train tickets and get 10 single journeys for the price of 8 between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport.  They are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase and save you having to pay for airport parking too.

7.  Hold the Commute Coffee

I know for many commuters, their daily fix of take out caffeine is one of the perks of the journey but there are savings to be made.  If you bought a £3 cup of coffee, five days a week for 46 weeks it would add up to £690, think what you could buy with that cash instead.

, Work:  How to Save Money on Your Commute

Do you commute to work?  How do you save money?




, Work:  How to Save Money on Your Commute


  1. , Work:  How to Save Money on Your Commute
    Margaret Gallagher
    March 1, 2019 / 4:47 pm

    Frequent flyer CERTAINLY pays off – great suggestions THANKS

  2. , Work:  How to Save Money on Your Commute
    Kayleigh Watkins
    April 6, 2019 / 8:08 pm

    Great ideas, my partner and his work colleagues would car share to work with them taking it in turns to take their cars saves on wear and tear of the car too xx

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