Beauty tips from the experts

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, Beauty tips from the experts

With such an amazing range of beauty products and treatments on the market these days, it’s never been easier to enhance your natural features, look younger, or even get that red carpet look for a night out. And with a few clever little tricks up your sleeve, you can accentuate your best features, minimise (what you see as) problem areas, and appear well-rested even when you might not be! Let’s take a look at a few.  

 , Beauty tips from the experts

Augment thin lips the easy way  

If you’re nervous of filler injections or more permanent solutions, there’s an easy way to make your lips appear fuller and more sultry. Find yourself a lip liner that is one shade darker than your favourite gloss, and apply it just outside of your natural lip line. Blend the two together and voila – you’ll have the perfect pout in minutes.   

Invest in anti-pollution skincare 

If you live in or near a busy city, pollution can have a devastating effect on your skin over time – causing acne, blackheads and irritation. Try to find masks and treatments that contain antioxidants which can help your skin fight back, and give your face a deep cleanse once a week to remove as many impurities as possible.   


Non-surgical treatments  

Increasingly, clinics specialising in plastic surgery are also starting to offer non-surgical treatments that refresh your look and help you look younger without actually going under the knife. Booking an appointment for a procedure such as microneedling, a medical facial or chemical peel can have a truly dramatic effect – and your specialist will be able to give you expert advice on a skin care regimen that’s suited to your unique skin type too.  


Instant eye lift  

The shape of your brows can have a huge impact on your overall look, but when you’re used to seeing them in their natural or tweezed state in the mirror every day it can be tough to visualize or realize their full potential. Consider going for an eyebrow wax at a professional salon where the technician can help you create a more impactful arch that will frame your eyes better and lift your whole face. 


You can also create a much more youthful look by tinting your eyebrows a shade or two lighter, which will help to diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and give you that bright-eyed and fresh-faced look.  


Luscious lashes without the hassle  

If you’re frequently pressed for time in the mornings, investing in eyelash extensions which last for around six weeks can take the pressure off. A heated eyelash curler will likewise save time, or you can dip your normal curler in hot water from the kettle before using it to speed up the process and make the curl last longer too.   


Eat those fresh fruit and veggies  

Consuming junk and processed food really does your skin (and your waistline!) no favors, as they can over stimulate the sebaceous glands and cause blocked pores. Switching to healthier eating patterns, especially cutting back on dairy and animal products as well as processed foods and refined sugar, and upping your intake of fruits and veggies can help keep you beautiful from the inside out.  


While you’re at it, ditch the sodas and alcoholic beverages and swap them for water or herbal teas to help keep your body and skin hydrated without all those harmful additives and colourants. As an added bonus, they’re way lower in calories too!   


Turn down the heat in the bath or shower  

If you have dry skin, you could actually be making it worse by taking very hot baths or showers. They might be tempting in chilly weather, but try to keep the water as near to lukewarm as possible. 


Define those cheeks 

Contouring is all the rage these days, and it’s no surprise that more clearly defined cheekbones can make your face look thinner and more elegant. For a more subtle everyday look however, you can create an instant lifting effect by applying a bronzer or highlighter in a diagonal horizontal line just under each cheekbone.  


Use a strengthener when you color your hair  

If you dye your hair regularly – either yourself or at the salon – it can easily become dry and brittle. Help to counteract this by mixing a strengthening agent in with the dye when you use it. Using a hair mask from time to time is also a good idea, or for a more natural treatment, neutral henna can help to add luster and shine – and is cheap to boot!  

What are your top beauty tips?





, Beauty tips from the experts


  1. , Beauty tips from the experts
    Margaret Gallagher
    January 10, 2019 / 10:17 pm

    Diet and nutrition and a positive outlook – makes a big difference to my skin – subtle makeup too

  2. , Beauty tips from the experts
    January 23, 2019 / 10:01 am

    i do think eating healthier helps your skin, i find drinking water too helps so much!

  3. , Beauty tips from the experts
    Georgina Prince
    January 24, 2019 / 11:27 am

    I am definitely guilty of the red hot baths and showers with dry skin lol, i have them as hot as i can stand lol x

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