We always find it such good value visiting Hilton Court.  We can bring a picnic and spend all day there as the kids love playing in the playhouses for hours.  Some people just visit Hilton Court to walk their dogs in beautiful surroundings.  If you’re planning to visit more than twice the season pass is great value- especially the family season pass.They also have a current special Facebook offer (click above for more information).

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Snapshots of Hilton Court

Days Out:  Hilton Court Gardens

More information here:  http://hiltoncourt.co.uk/contact-us-visiting/opening-times-prices/

, 10 Pembrokeshire Season Tickets:  Snapshots of Our Day Out at Manor Wildlife Park

9.  Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle, a medieval castle is well known for being the birth place of Henry VII.  It’s a fascinating site to explore and they run tours and special events too.

Day tickets:  £6/£6.50* (children 3-15 and seniors 60+) and £7/£7.70* (adults)

Annual passes (local membership):  £6.60 (children 3-15 and seniors) and £7.70 (adults)

Annual passes (full membership):  £12 (children 3-15 and seniors) and £14 (adults)

*with gift aid

As you can see a local annual pass costs just over the price of one visit.  I really believe that if you visit once you should invest in this as it will encourage you to return again (bring proof of Pembrokeshire residence).  Tourists get a good deal too, as long as they plan to visit more than twice an annual pass is a great investment.

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Our (overdue) post about Pembroke Castle is coming soon!

Find more information here:  https://pembrokecastle.co.uk/visit/annual-passes

, 10 Pembrokeshire Season Tickets:  Snapshots of Our Day Out at Manor Wildlife Park

10.  Castell Henllys

Castell Henllys is an iron age fort.  We love to come here to explore and learn all about the Celts and archaeology.

Day tickets:  £3/£3.50* (children),  £3.50/£4* (concessions) £4.50/£5.50* (adults) and £12.50 (family winter ticket)

Season tickets:  £12 (child), £15 (adult) and £40 (family)

If you plan to visit Castell Henllys more than three times in a year then the season ticket is worthwhile, especially the family season ticket.

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Castell Henllys, Iron Age Fort

More information here:  https://www.pembrokeshirecoast.wales/default.asp?PID=730

We’re so lucky in Pembrokeshire that there are many free days out to enjoy.  We can also save money by investing in season tickets to our favourite attractions.  Perhaps you will choose a different park to purchase an annual pass from each year or your favourite parks will change as the kids grow older?  Before you visit an attraction check if you can save money by purchasing a special pass first, I know many of the castles offer a similar deal to Pembroke Castle.  There are also national memberships that can save you money too (such as the National Trust).

Do you invest in Pembrokeshire annual passes?  Which is the best deal for your family?

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, 10 Pembrokeshire Season Tickets:  Snapshots of Our Day Out at Manor Wildlife Park






  1. Margaret Gallagher
    January 15, 2019 / 2:43 pm

    Beautiful place – so much to do and see

  2. Jayne Townson
    January 17, 2019 / 9:18 pm

    Some fantastic photos there, it looks like a really fun place to visit.

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