Travel: 4 Things to Know Before Planning Next Year’s Family Holidays

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, Travel:  4 Things to Know Before Planning Next Year’s Family Holidays

Family holidays are the ideal opportunity for everyone to gather in the same place, free of everyday stress, and ready to make new memories together. Whether you’re travelling with your immediate or extended family, good planning is the way to ensure that everyone has a good time, no matter the type of holiday you’re going on. If you’re feeling like this winter has already gone on for too long and are dreaming of sunnier climates, then let us help you plan a wonderful holiday for the whole family in 2019.  


Consider the airport hotel 

Picture the following: the only thing standing between you and the white sandy beach beneath your feet is a plane trip. But before you can get on said plane, you must first make your journey there, with all the luggage and kids in tow. A huge number of holiday flights unfortunately depart at the crack of dawn, forcing the whole family to get to the airport at ungodly hours of the morning. Cranky adults aside, young kids can never be relied on to enjoy a 3am wake up time. Give everyone the gift of extra shut eye by booking a room or two at the airport hotel and see how much of a difference it makes to everyone’s levels of stress. Start looking for a room about two or three weeks prior to departure to snag the best deals.  



No one really wants to think about insurance when there are fun excursions to plan and last-minute shopping to do.  Unfortunately, travel insurance is not something you want to regret not sorting out if something does go wrong. Travelling with children and elderly family members can be unpredictable and it’s always smart to have all bases covered with specialised insurance that’s tailored to your family’s specific circumstances. Shop around for policies that cover young children or family members with pre-existing medical conditions; companies like All Clear specialise in helping people with ongoing illnesses enjoy travel without additional stresses and worries. Do some research to find out whether it’s better value to take out single trip versus congoing insurance coverage to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your family.  


Plan your time 

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice but too many people leave planning of how holiday time will actually be spent far too late, this can lead to some resentment and easily avoidable misunderstandings. Sit the family down and each name an activity you would like to do whilst on holiday, then organise your time to try and accomplish it. Leave some ‘free time’ for simple relaxing and exploring of your destination too. It’s always comforting to know that the thing you’re desperate to do (scuba diving, for example) is definitely on the books at some point in the trip, allowing you to enjoy the activities other people want to do without stress and resentment. Having this conversation before you arrive just means that every family can be reassured and have something to look forward to on the holiday.  


Packing list 

If you’re someone who enjoys packing and would never arrive at your destination missing a matching sock or toothpaste, then we need to know your secret. Almost everyone else will find packing an annoying necessity that needs lots of attention. Realistically, leaving behind that third dress or pair of shorts isn’t a big deal but the stakes get higher when it comes to tech and any kind of baby equipment. To help mitigate the inevitable stress of getting all those important things in one place, create an essential packing list, making sure to include things you absolutely need on every trip. You can reuse it for each ensuing trip and have peace of mind that you’ve packed everything you need by ticking off the items as you add them to the suitcase.

What are your top tips for planning a holiday?

, Travel:  4 Things to Know Before Planning Next Year’s Family Holidays

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  1. , Travel:  4 Things to Know Before Planning Next Year’s Family Holidays
    Margaret Gallagher
    January 2, 2019 / 2:35 pm

    Never stayed in a hotel prior to flying – certainly something to consider

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