Spending Your First Christmas Together

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, Spending Your First Christmas Together

They say that “Christmas is love” and romance is in the air too!  It’s a popular time for using dating websites uk to find someone to share Christmas, the new year and their future with.   As fun as it can be to kiss under the mistletoe, there are some Christmas milestones that can be difficult for couple in new relationships.  Read on to make sure you have the basics covered:

Talk About Your Christmas Plans

There are lots of decisions for couples to make at Christmastime.  Make sure you talk honestly and openly about them so you can come to a fair decision.   One thing you need to decide is if you’re spending Christmas together, at each other’s families or alone.

, Spending Your First Christmas Together

The Office Christmas Party

It’s one thing to drink too much and make a fool of yourself at your Christmas party but it’s another to create a scene at your partner’s Christmas party.  If you’re invited (remember some works dos have a  strict no partners rule so don’t be offended if you’re not invited) try not to do anything you’ll regret the next day!


In my experience most couples like to buy presents for each other even very early on in the relationship.  Don’t get caught out by your partner saying they’re not buying you a present, only to surprise you on Christmas morning!   Think of a simple thoughtful gift rather than an expensive grand gesture and you can’t go wrong.

Partying With Friends

Christmas time can feel like a pressured time to start a new relationship as you  often end up meeting work colleagues, friends and family very early on before you’ve even got to know each other well.  It’s natural to want to bring your partner to every event with you but think carefully if it will be an event that they will enjoy as much as you.

Meeting Family

As I mentioned above, dating at Christmastime can mean getting to know your new partner’s family immediately.  If you’re invited to your partner’s parents for Christmas it’s a polite gesture to bring a gift, such as wine and flowers.

, Spending Your First Christmas Together

The Greatest Gift is  Time

As Christmas can be a pretty full on time, remember to reserve some alone time  just for the two of you to enjoy each other, away from the prying eyes of well meaning friends and family.

Start Your Own Traditions

It can be tempting to think that your family Christmas traditions are set in stone.  Of course this can cause problems if the traditions conflict with each other.  It’s important to compromise to ensure a fair and peaceful Christmas.  It’s also fun to start new traditions of your own together.  Those are the little things that make Christmas.

The  Most Beautiful Things Aren’t Perfect

My most important tip for everyone at Christmastime is not to strive for a “perfect” Christmas- it doesn’t exist.  Things will go wrong, whether you forget the batteries or burn the nut roast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time together, as that’s what it’s all about.


If you haven’t found love or if things don’t work out, don’t let it spoil your Christmas.  You can still have a fabulous time with friends and family or even on your own doing all the things the way you want to.   If you’re still looking for love to share your next Christmas with, there are lots of free dating sites  to sign up to.  Take some great photos, spruce up your profile and you’ll be back having fun on the dating scene before you know it.

What tips do you have for spending your first Christmas together?


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, Spending Your First Christmas Together

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