Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019

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, Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019


At the end of each year I start to make my goals for the upcoming new year.  As well as health, career and life goals I also make some savings goals and work out what I need to save for during the next financial year (in addition to kid’s savings etc).  Here are five things that I’m hoping to save for in 2019:

, Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019

  1.  A New Sofa

I mentioned in a recent house goals post that we need a new sofa.  This will be our first big purchase in 2019.  We’re currently looking at getting the FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed with storage from IKEA.  Originally I wanted it in Skiftebo Dark Grey but now I’m warming to the Dark Grey version.  I’ll make my mind up once i see it in the show room!

, Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019

2.  A New Dining Table

I also mentioned  that we need a larger dining table.  It will be so nice to be able to sit around the table once more and have guests.  We will enjoy having more room for crafts and games too.  I had my eye on the BJURSTA Extendable Table from IKEA for ages, but currently I prefer the style of the Ypperlig Table.  Again we’ll take a look when we visit in January.  Once we’ve saved up we’ll enjoy shopping around to get the best table for our needs.

, Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019

3.  A UK Staycation

We always try to save for and plan a UK break each year.  Of course we will also go on a few impromptu trips over the year due to conferences, family meet ups and kid’s trip but we love having one to plan and look forward to.  We enjoy visiting new places but also have a long list of places we want to revisit now Izzy is older.   In the past we’ve enjoyed visiting LEGOLAND and the Warner Bros Studio Tour, London.  I’d love to visit the uninhabited village of Imber one day and we’d also love to spend more time longer in Stratford-Upon-Avon in the future.

, Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019

4.  A Holiday in the Sun

I’m not sure if we will go on our next overseas holiday in 2019 or 2020 but I know we need to start saving now.  I can’t wait for our next holiday in the sun.  We had lots of fun in the South of France last year but want to go somewhere new for our next holiday.  It will be fun to start planning and looking forward to this.  The kids would love going back to the dame place each year but there is more of the World for them to explore!

, Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019

5.  An Outdoor Picnic Table

Our garden table broke years ago and we never got round to replacing it as other financial priorities kept coming up.  Last summer I really missed having a picnic table and being able to eat al fresco, so this year I’m bumping it up on my list of priorities to save for.  I’ve decided to go for a wooden picnic bench this time as I think with a regular paint and varnish it will last longer.   I can’t decide between a rectangular or circular picnic table.  Which do you prefer?

We already have along list of payments that we need to make next year (in addition to the usual bills) as the kids have quite a few school and group trips planned.  I’m hoping that we can make extra money and pay in to our savings to achieve our 2019 savings goals.   Of course things are bound to pop up over the year such as big appliances breaking or the car breaking down and we will need to find money to cover this. Hopefully our savings will cover this.   If you find yourself needing emergency cash,  read this post by cashlady with advice on getting cash loans for cash emergencies.

What are your savings goals for 2019?  

, Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019


  1. , Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019 December 19, 2018 / 11:19 am

    I love seeing these types of goals! I always get excited about planning new furniture items for my home. x

    • , Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019
      Claire Evans
      December 19, 2018 / 11:32 am

      Thank you! I’m glad it’s not just me! I’m always writing lists for our home! xxx

  2. , Five Things I’m Saving For in 2019
    Margaret Gallagher
    December 27, 2018 / 10:16 pm

    A whole new kitchen – one that’s eco friendly and ergonomically designed too – saving for a few years – Hopefully 2019 will be THE YEAR …..

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