A Look Back at 2018

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, A Look Back at 2018


It’s time to look back over 2018!  When I think back over the previous year I always feel like we didn’t do a lot, but once I look back at old photos and posts I realise we actually did a lot more than I remember.  Even if you don’t have a blog I’d recommend you go through your calendar, diary, camera or photos on your phone to remind yourself what you’ve been up to or been through- I bet you’ll be quite surprised!  This is what our 2018 looked like:



In January we had some big changes as our girls’new school opened.  It’s been quite strange getting used to a new school and it’s not been easy having a school so close to our house.  Traffic wise, it’s a nightmare and this year we’ll also lose the right to park outside our own home which we’ll find very hard when Danny has tired days.  We’re not in a situation to be able to move so we’ll continue to make the best of a bad situation.  On the plus side the girls have settled into their new school and classes.

Just after celebrating the new year poor mum was hospitalised so that wasn’t easy.  Thankfully she got better and we managed to enjoy some days out together.

, A Look Back at 2018

We enjoyed our first visit of the year to to Manor Park.

Snapshots of Manor Wildlife Park in Winter: Our First Visit of 2018


, A Look Back at 2018

We explored The Little Chapel at  St Govans.

Visiting The Little Chap, St Govan’s Head, Pembrokeshire


, A Look Back at 2018

We went for lunch at The Georges and booked our family holiday to France (exciting!):

Lunch at The Georges, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

You can read more about our January here:

Life Lately- January


Due to mum’s time in hospital we all felt like our new year actually really started in February.  Here’s what we got up to:

, A Look Back at 2018

We made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday- vegan of course!  I really need to blog more recipes in 2019!

The Truth About Vegan Pancakes (and Five Vegan Substitutes for Popular Toppings)

, A Look Back at 2018

We walked through the Saundersfoot Tunnels.

Days Out: Snapshots of the Saundersfoot Tunnel Walks, Pembrokeshire


, A Look Back at 2018

Dave and I reviewed The Wood at the Torch Theatre.  We don’t very ofen get couple time together so this was a treat (even though I was working).  I say it all the time but we really need to arrange a night out just the two of us.

Theatre Review: The Wood, Torch Theatre

, A Look Back at 2018

Ceri and I attended the Wales Theatre Awards and went for a meal at Zizzis ( I love their vegan menu so much!).

A Night Out in Newport- Zizzi and The Wales Theatre Awards


, A Look Back at 2018

In March we  blogged about our day at Castell Henllys, an iron age fort.

A Day Trip to Castell Henllys, Iron Age Fort, Pembrokeshire

, A Look Back at 2018

We travelled to Birmingham to the Little Hearts Matter Open Day (spot Danny on the sign!).  This was especially poignant as tragically  it was the last time we were to see Jessica, daughter of Louise and Michael, Little Hearts Big Love.  We really want to bring the whole family to next year’s open day but we’ll have to save up as this will double the cost of our break.

Snapshots of the Weekend- Little Hearts Matter Open Day


, A Look Back at 2018

I enjoyed a vegan breakfast at Gingers Coffe Shop.  I hope to write a local vegan guide to help locals eating out this Veganuary.

A Vegan Breakfast at Gingers Coffee Shop, Pembrokeshire


, A Look Back at 2018

We enjoyed another day out at Manor Park (making the most of our season tickets).

Days Out Pembrokeshire: Manor Wildlife Park, March 2018


April is a busy birthday month and in 2018 my older sister Jo turned 40!  We had a lovely celebration weekend in Swansea which I still need  to blog as it was one of my favourite memories of the year.

, A Look Back at 2018

Danny turned 15!

Life: Danny is 15!

, A Look Back at 2018

We enjoyed Easter with family.

Easter with Family 2018

, A Look Back at 2018

We also took part in the free Milford Marina Easter Egg Hunt.  In 2018 we became  Milford Waterfront Ambassadors.

Milford Marina Easter Egg Hunt


, A Look Back at 2018

In May, there was good news in the world of beauty- Glossybox released a vegan and cruelty free beauty box- now we just need to make every beauty box and beauty item vegan and cruelty free.

Beauty: Glossy Box May “Daydreamer” Review #crueltyfree #vegan

, A Look Back at 2018

I blogged about an inspirational blogging retreat at Croydon Hall (the retreat actually took place in April).

Blogging: An Inspirational Retreat at Croydon Hall, Somerset

, A Look Back at 2018

We had fun at the Pembrokeshire Herald Fun Day.

Bank Holiday Weekend- Herald Radio Fun Day

, A Look Back at 2018

In May I also wrote a post about remembering Jessica, who sadly died in April.  I still can’t believe she has gone and send all my love to Louise, Michael, Sophie and baby Thomas as they move into a new year without her physically with them. xxx

In Memory of Jessica- Little Hearts, Big Love ❤

In May Dave and I travelled to Bristol with our friends Al and Tamsin to watch our favourite band, The Wildhearts!  I hope we get to have another adventure with friends next year.


, A Look Back at 2018

In June as Milford Waterfront Ambassadors we were invited to the launch of the new Milford Marina Coast and Cleddau Boat Trips.  This was great fun!

Milford Marina Discover Coast and Cleddau Boat Trip Launch

, A Look Back at 2018

We attended the Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival and sampled the delicious vegan bites available.

Snapshots: Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival #StreetFoodWarehouse

, A Look Back at 2018

We went to the local Made in Milford Craft Exhibition and spent the evening at Milford Haven Town Band’s Brass on the Grass.

Snapshots: Made in Milford Exhibition and Milford Town Band’s Brass on the Grass

, A Look Back at 2018

We had a day out at Lindsway Bay.

Days Out: Snapshots of Lindsway Bay, St Ishmaels


, A Look Back at 2018

The kids and I explored Mill Bay as Caitlyn was learning about the Tudors at school.

Exploring Mill Bay, Dale, Pembrokeshire

I never write enough life lately catch up posts but I did during May with the intriguing title:  Life Lately, Weekending, Dinosaurs, The Queen and the Beach.  That reminds me that during 2018 we celebrated Harry and Megan’s royal wedding at mums and Rebecca went to the Trooping of the Colour with Guides!


Life Lately- Weekending: Dinosaurs, The Queen and the Beach!



In July we explored the Priory in Haverfordwest with Jo and Cerys (I still need to write this post!).

, A Look Back at 2018

We also had a fun day at Broad Haven Beach.

A Free Family Day Out at Broad Haven Beach, Pembrokeshire

, A Look Back at 2018

My beautiful  big girl Rebecca had her school leaver’s gala concert and moved on from Primary School (this feels like ages ago now!).

Rebecca’s Primary School Leavers’ Gala and Moving On…

, A Look Back at 2018

The summer holidays began!

The Summer Holidays Have Begun…

, A Look Back at 2018

Caitlyn had her ear’s pierced at Claire’s Accessories which was an eventful experience.  After all that, she no longer wears earrings!

Making Memories at Claire’s? Getting Caitlyn’s Ears Pierced


During August we went on our holiday to France and I celebrated my birthday there.  I still need to blog this holiday!


, A Look Back at 2018

Back home and we enjoyed lots of local days out, such as visits to Broad Haven Beach.

The Last Days of August – Broad Haven Beach

Unfortunately after our holiday, poor mum ended up in hospital again for a week or so.  Thankfully she’s now being monitored closely to try to ensure she doesn’t end up in intensive care again.


In September the kids went back to school.  Rebecca moved to Year 7 at Secondary school and Danny went into Year 11- his last official year!

, A Look Back at 2018

This year there were lots more vegan food ranges introduced.  We tested out Iceland’s No Bull Vegan Meat Balls.  I look forward to trying more new vegan foods next year!

Vegan “Meat” Balls” and Pasta: Iceland No Bull “Meat” Balls

, A Look Back at 2018

We celebrated Caitlyn’s birthday with bowling and a visit to The Dinosaur Park.

Weekending: Caitlyn’s 10th Birthday- Bowling, Pizza & Dinosaurs!

, A Look Back at 2018

I blogged about our stay at Oscar Lodge where we stayed during August while Danny and Rebecca were at PGL with Little Hearts Matters.

Travel: A Weekend at Oscar Lodge, Birchdale Farm, Lincolnshire

, A Look Back at 2018

I also caught up and blogged about our day in Newark-on-Trent.

Days Out: Newark-on-Trent – Canal, Castle and Pizza!

, A Look Back at 2018

We ended up having an unexpected stay on the A1 in Grantham (it was more enjoyable than it sounds!).


An Unexpected Stay on the A1 in Grantham…


I still need to blog about our visit to Stratford-Upon_Avon.

In September Danny was unwell and had to stay in hospital in  Carmarthen with Dave (our own local hospital only has a Paediatric Day Unit).  Thankfully he was released a few days later as heart healthy as he can be!


, A Look Back at 2018

In October we celebrated Rebecca’s 12th birthday.

Rebecca Turns 12! Birthday Snapshots

, A Look Back at 2018

We also enjoyed a day at Hilton Court Garden.

Snapshots of Hilton Court Garden, October 2018


, A Look Back at 2018

In November I blogged about Bonfire Night at Milford Marina.

Bonfire Night 2018

W, A Look Back at 2018

We celebrated Halloween with our friends and family.

Halloween with Family and Friends 2018


, A Look Back at 2018

We enjoyed a walk around Bosherston Lily Ponds.

Beautiful Bosherston Lily Ponds, November 2018



, A Look Back at 2018

This month we began our Christmas celebrations with the town lantern parade.

Christmas is Coming…The Lantern Parade

, A Look Back at 2018

We put up our Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

, A Look Back at 2018

Ceri and I reviewed Matilda at Wales Millennium Centre.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical at Wales Millennium Centre #Review

, A Look Back at 2018

Then mum and I reviewed Pinocchio at the Torch Theatre.

Pinocchio, Torch Theatre Milford Haven #Review

, A Look Back at 2018

We celebrated Isabelle’s birthday with a trip to Carmarthen Winter Wonderland.

Carmarthen Winter Wonderland


, A Look Back at 2018

We celebrated Christmas with family!

Snapshots of Christmas 2018

Yesterday we celebrated Uncle Phillips 60th birthday and tonight we let in the New Year!


Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!  See you next year! xxx

, A Look Back at 2018

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