Travel: Enjoy A Little More Luxury In Brisbane

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, Travel:  Enjoy A Little More Luxury In Brisbane


Looking for a break that offers all the convenience of the city but a little more of the luxury you expect of resorts? Brisbane might be the perfect place for you. Not quite as sprawling as Sydney, Australia’s capital is slightly more laid-back, and might be the better option for the traveller looking to really get indulgent.

, Travel:  Enjoy A Little More Luxury In Brisbane

Put your feet up

What could be better for getting yourself into the luxuriant mood than having someone take the time to de-stress your whole body? If you’re looking for a little sensory delight, Brisbane has some excellent day spas. You can book a quick treatment, whether a massage, facial, or otherwise, or spend the day on packages that also involve saunas, guided meditation and more. Whatever stress you might be bringing from your day-to-day life, you’ll be leaving it at the door as soon as you step out of the spa.

Spoil yourself

After a morning of pampering, what better way to keep the spirits high than to go on a truly indulgent shopping trip? Brisbane is full of fantastic shopping opportunities with all of the top names crowded on the high-street. In particular, the Queen Street Mall can be the perfect place to pick up a stylish souvenir. However, it’s also a little on the pricey side but, if you’re looking to stick to a budget, there are still plenty of trendy little boutiques with exclusive designs to be found as well. Don’t let something like a price tag stop you from spoiling yourself.

Have a date to remember

If you’re visiting the city with a significant other or some friends, then you can start the evening off perfectly with a nice, intimate dinner in a private setting. The Regatta Hotel offers private dining rooms, offering the best in hospitality and treatment while also giving you a little space to yourselves. There’s no pressure or need to put on airs when it’s just you and those you’ve brought with you, after all.

Surround yourself in nature

Indulging yourself isn’t always about enjoying the very best of man-made pleasures, either. A little green can do you a lot of good. You don’t have to go out to the wild, however. Brisbane’s gardens offer some of the most relaxing and beautiful spots in the entire city, with the Botanical Garden easily being the most impressive of them all.

Take in some culture

If you want the evening to be just as delightful and soul-enriching, then there is plenty of culture on offer at Brisbane. A visit to the Arts Theatre can leave you entranced and inspired. There are plenty of other theatres in the city that offer more shows aimed at general audiences, too, if you prefer a little light entertainment, instead.

Hopefully, the points above have shown that Brisbane really is the place to go if you want good weather, good food, and good pampering all at the same time. There’s plenty to do for those looking for a more active vacation, too, once you’re done with the pleasure-seeking.

Have you ever visited Brisbane before?  What are your tips?  

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, Travel:  Enjoy A Little More Luxury In Brisbane

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