Pets: 3 Easy Ways of Feeding Your Cat Medicine

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, Pets:  3 Easy Ways of Feeding Your Cat Medicine

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your pet’s health. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and frequent grooming is important for the maintenance of your pet. but your pet might fall sick and need medication to bounce back. Even if your pet does not fall sick, some medicine like worm medicines needs to be administered at regular intervals. Administering medication to your pet can be difficult depending on the kind of pet you have. Feedings dog’s any type of medicine is relatively easy. When it comes to buying cat medicine and feeding them, the task is quite difficult.

, Pets:  3 Easy Ways of Feeding Your Cat Medicine

Cats tend to choke on medication that you force down their throat. Cats also tend to spit out medicines. Catching your cat in the first place can be a tough activity.

Hide in Food

The easiest way to feed your cat medication is by hiding the medicines in cat food. If you are feeding your cat a dry food diet, then this may not be an option. Cats are very good at sniffing out cat medicine. Once your cat understands that the food is laced with medication, they will simply refuse to eat what you have put on their plate. To avoid both food and medicine from being wasted, you need to cover the smell of the medicines.

To administer liquid medicines, all you need to do is mix the liquid into some really smelly wet food. Pills cannot be left in food since they can find the pill and eat around it. You need to crush the pill into a fine powder before mixing it with wet food. Find the smelliest wet food to help over the smell of the medicine.

Use a Syringe

For kittens, it is simpler to feed medicine. Follow these easy steps to feed your cat medicine using a syringe.

  •         You need to remove the needle of a new syringe.
  •         Keep the syringe ready with medicine. If you have a pill, you can grind it and mix it with a bit of water to make it into a liquid.
  •         Approach your cat without the syringe in your hand.
  •          Cuddle your cat and make them feel at ease.
  •         Once your cat feels calm, you can hold them by the scruff to calm them down.
  •         Ease the tip of the syringe into your cat’s mouth from the side of their mouth.
  •         Slowly push the plunger to release the liquid into the cat’s mouth.

If you practice this with your kitten from a young age, they will allow you to feed them medicine easily when they are grown up.

Dry Swallow

Some small pills are easy to swallow. You need to hold your cat’s mouth wide open. Toss the pill as far down their throat as you can. If the pill lands on the tip of your cat’s tongue, you can try to push it towards the pack of their throat with a finger. If they spit it out, repeat the process after a while since you do not want to stress your cat out excessively.

These three easy medicine-feeding methods can help you take care of your cat’s health.


Do you have any tips for feeding your pet cat medicine?  Let me know in the comments below!

, Pets:  3 Easy Ways of Feeding Your Cat Medicine

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