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One of the dead giveaways from an old home is the flooring. You’ll feel dents that go into the floor a bit more, the wood will sound like it is hollow as the sound of footsteps reverberate off the walls, the wood will be scratched and faded and of course there will be creaking and cracking sounds. Renovating the floor is one of the biggest jobs in any kind of home, regardless of when it was built. However the floor has more of a connection with an older home as it was put in when it was first built which could be 100 years or so. However, to pay homage to the original wooden floor, modern hardwood flooring is the best option. It’s recommended that you choose a dense wood such as oak, ash or maple. The boards should be small if you want contemporary style that will update the home. The boards don’t have to be finished in a dark varnish despite being hardwood, as the modern standard is to give pastel colours such as a dull purple a try.

Connecting the outdoors


Contemporary living is all about having access to every part of the home without opening doors or in fact having the need for doors anyway. Thus, the open plan must consume the entire home, where you have the ability to walk into the kitchen by taking just a few steps from the living room. By that very same token these contemporary architects have shown how an older home can be redesigned to connect the garden with the living room. This is done via the use of contemporary sliding doors, with a small rain roof just outside to protect you from the weather. The patio doors have shutter blinds built into their design making it easy to decide how much natural light you want coming through each separate sheet.


When you update an older home, keep in mind it’s age and seniority when it comes to injecting modern designs. Start with the floor first so you keep in line with adhering to wood but also upgrading the materials.

Have you renovated an old house?  What are your tips?


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