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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

How to Create a Kids Garden For All Year Round

Now the sunny weather is here we're spending a lot of time in our garden.  Rather than being able to fully enjoy it though we have a lot of work to do, partly because we're guilty of neglecting our garden over winter.  I'm determined to create a garden for the kids to enjoy and use all year round.  Here are five ideas to create a kid's garden for all year round use:

1.  Create Colour All Year Round

While we all love seasonal displays of colour in our garden, such as when the daffodils come out in Spring, it's important to plan colour for all year round to keep your garden feeling warm, bright and welcoming to all.

Start with a base structure of evergreen greens, such as box or yew, then plant a variety of plants to flower throughout the year.  Here are a few examples of plants that flower in different months of the year:

January:  Snowdrops
February:  Iris
March:  Primrose (and daffodils)
April: Violas
May:  Tulips
June: Roses
July:  Sweet Peas
August:  Dahlias
September:  Echinceas
October:  Nerines
November:  Chrysantheums
December:  Dogwood

2.  Add Shelter

I love houses with a lean to shelter which can be used as a play, potting or eating area even when it's raining.  Alternatively a summer house or more affordable playhouse can provide shelter all year round too.  Our kids often run outside and read a book in their wooden playhouse when it's raining- they say it's cosy and relaxing.  A tent or tipi can provide shelter too.


For those cold, dry winter's day often  it's just the cold keeping us indoors.  A source of heating in the garden can extend the use all year round.  If you entertain a lot you may wish to invest in a patio heater, outdoor fireplace or chiminea.  I would love a chininea that doubles as a clay pizza oven.  A fire pit is another great way to keep warm.  It's so cosy sitting outside with friends and family around a fire.

4.  Artificial Grass

One of the reasons we mainly walk past our garden during the winter months is because of our wet grass.  If your kids want to play on the lawn all year round Artificial Grass is the most practical idea.  Your footballers will have an all year around pitch and it makes a great base for essential play equipment.  There are other advantages too such as no need to mow, water or weed freeing you up to enjoy your summer time and no pollen so even allergy sufferers can spend longer outdoors.

5.  Grow Vegetables All Year Round

One way for kids to spend time in the garden all year round is to get them gardening and growing vegetables (they love cooking and eating them too!).  By buying a greenhouse you can grow all year round.  While starting off you could use a small poly tunnel or plastic covered shelf before investing in a walk in greenhouse.  Garlic, onions, asparagus, broad beans and winter salads can all be grown during the cooler months.  

What tips do you have for planning an all year round kid's garden?


  1. Love your suggestions - we grow all year round too - thwarted thus year as the greenhouse got rather blitzed in the winter

  2. Wish I had a better garden mine is gravel and fake grass .... hopefully I will one day


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