Life: Have You Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic?

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, Life:  Have You Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic?

Have you ever wondered if you’re psychic?  Perhaps you’re certain you are or  you have no belief in the paranormal whatsoever.   I know I’ve wondered from time to time and there are phenomenons that happen that seem to have no other explanation.  I’m definitely in the “I don’t know” and “I haven’t made my mind up yet” camp.  There are many events that really do make you think and they say that everybody is a little bit psychic.  Read on to find out just how psychic you really are:

, Life:  Have You Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic?

I love reading books about characters with psychic abilities.  It’s a field that really interests me.  I’m certainly not a gifted developed psychic and have never connected with anyone on the other side.  However, I do believe that everyday we experience events that are otherwise hard to explain- or maybe not?

In the Know

Do you ever randomly think of a person that you haven’t seen for ages and then you happen to bump into them that day?  That’s happened to me so many times in so many places over the years.  Is it a psychic feeling or just coincidence?  Maybe I think of lots of people during the day so it’s likely that I’ll bump into one of them even though I haven’t seen them for ages?

A Bad Feeling

I hate this one.  My mum, sisters and I often know when something bad is going to happen.  I remember first experiencing this feeling in school.  I could be having a lovely day but then the bad feeling would sit in my belly and after school there would be completely unexpected bad news.  We all had this feeling on the day of Jo’s stroke and luckily it made mum go to check on her and that’s when we found her so could call an ambulance.  Is this a survival instinct passed down so we’re ready to cope with the bad things?

Deja Vu

I think everyone experiences déjà vu at some time or another.  I know I certainly do.  There are even a number of scientific explanations for it, one being that there’s an accidental delay or repetition in the transferal of sensory stimuli information in the brain,causing a kind of overlap — and the sensation that the event being registered has happened already.  That doesn’t explain all reported cases of déjà vu though, for example when you feel like you’ve already been to a place or building before (that you definitely haven’t) and even when the initial feeling has been put down to a brain overlap how can that explain how you find yourself knowing your way around the area or building like you definitely have been there before?  There are definitely mysterious things going on in this wonderful world.

, Life:  Have You Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic?

Ask yourself the ten questions in the info-graphic below to find out just how psychic you really are:

, Life:  Have You Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic?
Infographic by

How did you get on?  I had a score of 7- “You may be Psychic but more practise is needed to make the most of your gift.”  Did anyone score 10/10?  I’d love to know.

, Life:  Have You Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic?

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  1. , Life:  Have You Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic?
    Margaret Gallagher
    June 18, 2018 / 8:21 pm

    Ooo i got 7 too – i always say its because im sensitive and very deep – maybe im just a very good judge of character – i went to a psychic with friends but she couldnt tell me anything ( i gave no verbal or non verbal clues ) !

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