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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Travel: Ten Reasons to Visit Efteling Theme Park Resort, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

Since growing up reading the fairy-tales of Hans Christian-Anderson, the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault (speaking of which- keep an eye out for a related giveaway soon!), , I have always wanted to visit Efteling ("The Keeper of the Fairy-tales") Theme Park Resort in Kaatsheuvel.  As a child, my dream was to really step inside each of my favourite fairy-tales.  At Efteling in the Fairytale Village you can find The Little Match Girl, The Little Mermaid, Tom Thumb and many more.  As well as visiting favourites, such as Snow White and Hansel and Gretel, you can even stay in a fairy-tale themed suite too- it really would be a dream come true.  Here are ten reasons to visit Efteling Theme Park Resort:

1.  Land of Fairy-Tales

Fairytale Land is still at the heart of Efteling.  I often say that the greatest gift you can give to a child is a book of classic fairytales but follow that up with a trip to Efteling and it really would be the perfect experience.  Efteling opened up in 1952 with ten fairytales.  There are now 29 and every new attraction is based on an enchanting tale.  

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 

2.  Easy to Travel to From the UK

Efteling is very easy (and quick) to travel to from the UK and you have a number of options:

  • Fly from the UK to Schipol Airport (approx 1hr 15).  Then drive (1hr 10) or take the train (or train and bus) to Efteling (approx 2 hrs).  

  • Eurostar from St Pancras to Rotterdam Station (3hrs direct).  Then drive via car hire  (1hr) or take the train (and or bus) to Efteling (1hr 30).

  • Ferry from UK to Hook of Holland (approx 6hrs 30).  Drive to Efteling (1 hr 10 min). 

  • Drive via Eurotunnel (Folkestone to Calais 35 mins) to Efteling (Calais to Efteling 3hr 20).
It's possible to travel there and back in one day but I'd recommend you stay so you can enjoy more time in Efteling.

3.  Something For All Ages

At Efteling there is something for family and friends of all ages to enjoy.  Even the youngest kids can sit on a parents lap and enjoy the family rides such as the traditional  Stoomcarrousel, they can travel the world on the "Carnaval Festival"  and travel back in time on the "De oude Tufferbaan".

Other whole family rides include the "Droomvlucht" where familes can visit elves, fairies, goblins and forest animals in this enchanting indoor dark ride and Symbolica (not suitable for babies) an enchanting palace in which nothing is what it seems.

Older kids and thrill seekers will enjoy the double track wooden rollercoaster, "Joris en de Draak", the dive rollercoaster, "Baron 1898" and the corkscrew, doublelooping steel roller coaster, "Python".  

There is even a watercoaster, "De Vliegende Hollander" and a rapid rivers ride, "Pirana".

Take a look at all the attractions available- there really is something for everyone.

4.  Accommodation

As I've said before to really make the most of your time at this enchanting theme park, you will want to stay at Efteling.   There are lots of options to choose from:


Stay in Loonshe Land if you want to be in the heart of nature.   Here you can look out over the treetops and the houses that are covered with dune sand and heather. Holiday village Efteling Loonsche Land offers simple, cosy holiday houses and hotel rooms made from natural materials.  There are plenty of play parks and even a small animal pen, HooimijtIt is walking distance from Efteling and there is a train most days (for an additional charge).

Efteling Village Bosrijk

Just 7-10 minutes walk from the park you can relax in the comfort of the luxurious self catering houses and apartments. In Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk you can stay in charming apartments or luxurious houses and group accommodations located in the woods, at the edge of a lake or on a quaint village square.   There are restaurants, pizza delivery and a bar available.  Kids will love the swimming pool and play areas available (book an extra day so you can enjoy time in the village in addition to Efteling Theme park).

Efteling Hotel

Less than a 5 minute walk from the theme park, you will find the Efteling Hotel. Offering all the luxury and comfort of a four star hotel. Stay overnight in one of the 20 enchanting theme suites, such as The Sleeping Beauty Suite or The Flying Dutchman Suite. Or stay in one of the comfort rooms or more spacious Junior Suites. There are lots of special touches, such as kids can help check in at their own special reception area/desk. All stays include access the theme park. It really is the luxurious option!

5.  The Natural Surroundings

One of the attractions of Efteling that most appeals to me is the nature and natural  surroundings.  Efteling Nature Park Foundation actually came before Fairytale Forest.  Just walking around the theme park you can enjoy beautiful forest landscape views and flowers and fauna.  There are also playgrounds dotted around in every area for kids to enjoy some free range down time.  

A stay in the nature district,  Loonshe Land will get you even closer to nature- look out for the 120 year old red beech tree, go on nature walks, build a sandcastle in the sand dunes and spot wildlife such as- squirrels, hares, rabbits and bats. If you are really quiet, you can also see deer. There are also sheep grazing on the heather to manage the diversity.

6.  Efteling Beer

Efteling even have their own beer!  They very recently unveiled their own signature beer made from hops grown onsite.  't Verdiende Loon, literally meaning ‘the deserved earnings’, is now exclusively available at Holiday Village Efteling Loonsche Land, after the first bottle was presented to Fons Jurgens, President and CEO of Efteling, by Little Red Riding Hood.  The beer follows the launch of the blond beer Bosrijkse Brouw, which is exclusively available at Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk.  I imagine after a full days fun with the kids in the theme park it would be perfect to toast a refreshing bottle of Efteling beer while back in the holiday village.

7.  A Chance to Explore The Netherlands

While travelling to the Netherlands why not explore the area too.  While you'll want to spend a couple of days on site at Efteling (there is so much to do) you could easily add a few days exploring onto the end of your holiday before travelling back to the UK.  

I would combine it with a city break in Amsterdam as I've always wanted to visit the Anne Frank House.  While there I would also visit the Van Gough Museum and take a canal boat tour.

8.  The Bins

 Well I wouldn't normally recommend that you visit somewhere to see the bins but the "Holle Bolle Gijs" at Efteling are infamous and an attraction in their own right.  They are basically paper gobbling  talking bins that shout 'Papier hier' whenever you pass by, so if you have any paper rubbish with you during your visit, stop by and feed them (and they will thank you).  

9.  The Aquanura Water Show

While on holiday we love a good show and the Aquanura is one of the most spectacular shows of water, fire and light to enjoy  with your family at the end of a fabulous day.

10.  Efteling in Winter

I would recommend that you visit Efteling at any time of year (top tip it's quieter during the Dutch term time).  However for a truly magical experience, Efteling in Winter is a must.  

"Enjoy thousands of twinkling lights, winter treats, bonfires and snowy pines. Have a spin on the ice rink with your sweetheart, slide down a snowy slope or let your favourite fairytale melt your heart. Experience Winter Efteling, where the coldest days of the year feel like the warmest and the evenings could last longer."

If reading Ten reasons to visit Efteling Theme Park Resort has convinced you to book your trip then look out for our next Efteling related  post- planning a trip to Efteling Theme Park Resort.

Have you visited Efteling before?  What was your favourite part?

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  1. Would certainly be an adventure - never been - would live to one day


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