Summer: Fun: Unusual Days Out With Friends

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, Summer: Fun:  Unusual Days Out With Friends

Summer is a wonderful time of year, it’s a chance to get outside and spend quality time with loved ones. The evenings are warmer and lighter so it feels like we have more time, and when the sun is shining it makes us want to get outside instead of wasting it away. We all know that summer is a time for having barbecues with friends, lying on the beach and spending time in nature. But maybe you fancy doing something different this year, when you raise kids and everything is always carefully planned routine- sometimes a bit of carefree fun with your peers is just what the doctor ordered. They also say that an experience is more memorable the more unusual it is! Why not try one of the following if you get a free day this summer:

, Summer: Fun:  Unusual Days Out With Friends

Try Unusual Watersports

Instead of going to the beach and lying on a lounger, sipping cocktails and paddling in the sea- why not do something a bit different? Extreme water jetpack is one example, get an anti gravity feeling where you’re practically flying above the sea! You could try hydro-speeding, knee boarding (I did this a few weeks ago), hot-dogging- there are plenty of things that you’ve probably never even heard of let alone tried! It’s one way to make your trip to the beach that bit more memorable. Look online and find companies offering these kinds of things, and then take a trip down on a sunny day. One tip is to check out water-sports for stag holidays, you don’t have to be on a stag do to enjoy them but lots of them are aimed at these kinds of groups. So by searching this you’ll find tons of great ideas that you can go along to and enjoy with friends.

, Summer: Fun:  Unusual Days Out With Friends

Pick Fruit and Vegetables

At this time of year, lots of fruits and vegetables are starting to come into season. It’s currently berry season so any farm that offers pick your own fruits and vegetables will have them on offer. It’s something fun and a little bit different, you get some light exercise from walking around and afterwards can enjoy whatever you pick! Simply eat the produce, or go home and cook or bake a delicious dish together using them as ingredients. What could be nicer than afternoon tea in the garden, a Victoria sandwich cake with homemade jam using the berries you’ve picked?

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Look at Cool Experience Days

There are lots of cool experience days out there, from a ride in a helicopter or a hot air balloon to being able to drive a muscle car! It’s so worth going onto a site that offers experience days and searching through. Otherwise, look for companies that offer specific events, it could be anything from parachute jumping to an escape room! These are physical adventure games that you can do with friends where you solve puzzles and riddles in order to ‘escape’. These kinds of things are commonly given as gifts but this doesn’t have to be the case- they can simply give you the opportunity to do something fun and a bit different with friends!

What unusual days out will you plan with your friends?

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, Summer: Fun:  Unusual Days Out With Friends

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  1. , Summer: Fun:  Unusual Days Out With Friends
    Margaret Gallagher
    June 2, 2018 / 2:47 pm

    Great ideas – never thought of going fruit picking with friends

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