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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Home: Incredible Tips that will Help you To Organise Your WorkStation

Having a nice and clean workstation is crucial if you want to be able to get your head down and really achieve great results. If your workstation is really messy or if you are having a hard time trying to get everything organised then it is possible for you to do something about this, and it is never too late for you to make a change.

Purge the Office

Every change in the office really does start out with a purge. You need to de-clutter your space and you also need to empty and shred everything you can as well. It helps to focus on a single area at a time when you do this and the main reason for this is because if you don’t then you may find yourself getting overwhelmed. A good way for you to clean your space would be for you to get rid of anything that doesn’t have any value. Sure, you may think that you need that document “one day” but if you have a digital copy of it as well then there really is no reason for you to try and save it.


Another thing that you can do is invest in some colour-coded labels. When you do this, you can have one type of document per shelf and you can also code them with colours to make it easier for you to find out what you need as well. You could have the labels going from light to dark in colour or you could have them numbered if this makes it easier for you.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes really are life savers. The best thing about having a storage box is that you can store anything in them and you can also keep everything nice and organised as well. If you have things like plastic containers or even boxes then this can save you a ton of money as well. This will stop everything from piling up on your desk and it is also a great way for you to stack things up in the corner of the room. It may even be worth you investing in some computer desks with storage as well, as this will make the whole thing much easier to get sorted.

Pen Tidies

Pen tidies really are the most underrated forms of office equipment. Pen tidies usually consist of long plastic tubes, and you can easily store your pens in them to keep them safe. You will never lose a pen again when you have one of these on your desk and they are far more efficient when compared to pencil cases as well. After all, they always stay on your desk and they can even be used to store any markers or felt tips you have as well. You can have a compartment for each colour of pen you have and this will make it much easier if you need to sign a document in a specific pen or if you need to sign something quickly.

What tips do you have for organising your work station?

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  1. Great ideas - love my storage boxes - HAVE them all over the house TOO


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