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, Home:  Design Trends in 2018

After spring cleaning many people want to refresh the interiors in their home and will look for the current design trends.  Who doesn’t want to have a home that looks immaculately presented as if it just had a home staging?  Rattan Direct have conducted a survey to find the top design trends in 2018 and who is buying them in each household.  Read on to find out what they discovered below:


, Home:  Design Trends in 2018

Do You buy Your Furniture Online or Instore?

When I was younger part of the excitement of buying a new sofa, bed or unit was walking around the furniture stores with my parents looking at all the show rooms.  I still tend to look at big pieces of furniture such as a sofa or bed in real life before I order it but for most furniture like 66% of people I occasionally buy furniture online.  I’m especially tempted if I see a lovely piece of furniture on someone’s blog, vlog or instagram.


, Home:  Design Trends in 2018


Who Makes  the Home Decor Decisions in Your Household?

Only 28% of men make the decor decisions and 72% of people do DIY.  60% of people only buy new furniture.  I like to mix old and new pieces.  I’d love a classic vintage sideboard but sometimes it’s easier to buy a replica one new.

, Home:  Design Trends in 2018


Which Room Would You Renovate First?

When renovating people tend to focus on the kitchen, bedrooms, conservatory and dining room.  I’m surprised the living room wasn’t of more importance as it’s where we spend most of our family time.

What Design Trends Should We look Out for in 2018?



The top trends to look out for are:

  • Pared back Industrial Chic


-think exposed brick and polished concrete

  • Colour Blocks and Paint Effects

– no more painting whole walls one colour, make shapes instead


  • Greenery on Blush

– layer soft blush pink furnishings with botanical terrariums and plants in every corner


  • Relaxed Rustic

– a mix of woods, natural materials and earthy tones


  • Modern Scandinavian

–  mid century style furniture continues to be a popular design trend


  • Global Nomad

– mix exotic artefacts from your travels, hand crafted textiles and tribal patterns


Which design trend is your favourite?


Take a look at the info-graphic to show Purchasing and Home Decor Trends in 2018 below:


, Home:  Design Trends in 2018


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, Home:  Design Trends in 2018


  1. , Home:  Design Trends in 2018
    Margaret Gallagher
    May 30, 2018 / 1:26 pm

    Its like going back in time – reminds me of my childhoodGreat style

  2. , Home:  Design Trends in 2018
    A S,Edinburgh
    August 23, 2018 / 9:30 pm

    I definitely prefer to do the inspiration and decision-making parts of shopping online. Like you, though, I loved going to show rooms when I was younger. I like industrial chic, and it’s great that there’s greater availability of the things one needs for it, now.

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